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Chris Parker (Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2001) is an associate professor, and Stuart A. Scheingold Professor of Social Justice and Political Science in the Department of Political Science at the University of Washington. The bulk of his research takes a behavioral approach to historical events. More specifically, he brings survey data to bear on questions of historical import. His first book, Fighting for Democracy: Black Veterans and the Struggle Against White Supremacy in the Postwar South (Princeton University Press, 2009),winner of APSA's Ralph J. Bunche Award, takes a fresh approach to the civil rights movement by gauging the extent to which black veterans contributed to social change.A second book, Change They Can't Believe In: The Tea Party and Reactionary Politics in America (Princeton University Press, 2013), explores the beliefs, attitudes, and behavior of the Tea Party. A third book examines the ideological and sociological origins of what has come to be known as the urban crisis of the 1960s. In short, it examines the micro-foundations of the disturbances that swept America in the late 1960s. A Robert Wood Johnson Scholar (2005-07), he has published in the Journal of Politics, International Security, Political Research Quarterly and the Du Bois Review. Parker is the principal investigator of the Multi-State Survey on Race and Politics, and the Director of the Center for Survey Research at the University of Washington.

In The Press

Prof. Parker discussing policing and deteriorating race relations in the country on Background Briefing with Ian Masters.

Prof. Parker on Berkeley, CA's community radio station KPFA talking about Ferguson, MO troubles in historical context.

Prof. Christopher Parker at the University of Virginia's Miller Center American Forum debate, "Resolved: Our Polarized Political Process No Longer Reflects the Will of the American People", with George Will as one of the debaters. Aired on PBS (transcripts available).

Prof. Parker in a clip from the Miller Center American Forum's National Debate Series, "If It Were Not for Big Central Gov't, I'd Be a Slave Right Now"

From The Brookings Institution web site, "Is There Such a Thing as
‘Conservative’ Foreign Policy in 2014?"

In the Democracy Journal, "Will the Tea Party Outlast Obama?"

Prof. Parker work referenced and quoted on Washington Post Wonkblog's story, "95% of Republican House districts are majority-white."

Prof. Parker on Brookings Inst. web site, "The (Real) Reason Why the House Won't Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

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Prof. Parker interviewed on Salon.com, "Tea Party’s hot mess: Inside a noisy, disenchanted movement"

Prof. Parker on Brookings Institution web site, "Wither the Tea Party? The Future of a Political Movement"

Prof. Parker radio interview on ABC Classic FM (Australia) for discussion about Tea Party and their core beliefs.

Prof. Parker radio interview on KPFK Los Angeles (20 Jan. 2014). Discussion of MLK legacy and race, class and economics.

Prof. Parker on CSPAN2 for lecture recorded at Colby College. Book discussion on Change They Can't Believe In . Lively audience discussion.

Prof. Chris Parker interviewed on MSNBC's Disrupt, "Will the Tea Party outlast Pres. Obama?"

Prof. Parker, "Will the Tea Party Outlast Obama?", on the Democracy - A Journal of Ideas web site

Prof. Parker on Background Briefing program, radio station KPFK (LA area), discussing reactionary conservatives and the Tea Party

Prof. Parker in DiePresse.com, "Tea Party will disappear if Obama cedes"
(In German. Google Chrome will translate.)

Prof. Parker in The Washington Post Wonkblog, "The shutdown is a Republican civil war"

Prof. Parker in The National Memo, "Change They Can’t Believe In: The Tea Party And Reactionary Politics In America"

Prof. Parker in The Washington Post Blog, “The Tea Party is better understood as a reactionary conservative force”

Prof. Parker in The Washington Post Wonkblog on the Tea Party movement,
"People don’t fully appreciate how committed the tea party is to not compromising"

Prof. Parker in NYT Opinion on Radical Convervatism

Prof. Parker on WLRN Miami radio interview for "Change They Can't Believe In"

Prof. Parker interviewed on Culture Shocks for Tea Party discussion.

Professor Parker on KUOW for Tea Party discussion (at 27:20 time).

Profs. Barreto and Parker's work on Tea Party discussed in The New Republic, "The Almost-Inevitable Shutdown"

Profs. Barreto and Parker's findings in new book, "Change They Can't Believe In," hightlighted on The New Republic web site.

Prof. Parker's research mentioned on Attackerman.com

Prof. Parker in the Seattle Times, Jerry Large column, "Across the great divide: UW professor looks at the tea party"

Prof. Parker on CNN Opinion site, "Tea Party Rise Will Be Short"

Prof. Parker on Pacifica Radio Los Angeles (at 16:40) discussing the Tea Party and his book on the subject.

Prof. Parker on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews: Chris Matthews talks with “Black Tea” documentary filmmaker Kevin Dotson and author and professor Christopher Parker about the new documentary that seeks to discover why African Americans are joining the Tea Party despite the strain of racism that the party is accused of containing.

Prof. Parker talking about the Tea Party movement on the Ron Insana radio show (March 30, 2011)

Prof. Parker interviewed about the Tea Party by University of Sydney United States Studies Centre

Prof. Parker on David Sirota radio show discussing the Tea Party movement.

Prof. Parker on KUOW radio discussing Fighting for Democracy.

Prof. Parker interviewed on David Sirota radio show (about 2 min. in).