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Former PhD student Angela Day's book, "Red Light to Starboard", receives dual awards.

John Wilkerson's "Legislative Explorer" highlighted in Washington Post's Monkey Cage.

John Wilkerson's "Legislative Explorer honored, paper published", UW Today.
And featured in an interview in the SeattleWeekly.

Prof. Tony Gill
interviewed on The Oregonian's Live site,
"Why is Congress overwhelmingly Christian with only one religious 'none'?"

Prof. Lance Bennett on The Conversation web site, "Connective action: the public’s answer to democratic dysfunction"

Prof. Christopher Parker at the University of Virginia's Miller Center American Forum debate,
"Resolved: Our Polarized Political Process No Longer Reflects the Will of the American People", with George Will as one of the debaters. Aired on PBS (transcripts available).

Prof. Matt Barreto's new book, "Latino America: How America’s Most Dynamic Population is Poised to Transform the Politics of the Nation"

See the interviews

Prof. Peter May has won the Excellence in Mentoring Award from the Public Policy Section at APSA. The section established the award “to recognize sustained efforts by a senior scholar to encourage and facilitate the career of emerging political scientists in the field of public policy.”

Prof. John Wilkerson's LegSim Project featured in Provost eTrends newsletter, "John Wilkerson: Expecting the unexpected in a dynamic group project" (page 10)

Prof. Susan Whiting and Xiao Ma on openDemocracy.net site, "The Party Rules: What lies behind the Chinese Communist Party elite’s foregrounding of the ‘rule of law’?"

Prof. Christopher Parker on Brookings Inst. web site, "The (Real) Reason Why the House Won't Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

Prof. Victor Menaldo in the London School of Economics site, "Capitalism need not churn inexorably toward higher inequality; democracies can tame the disproportionate power of elites"

Prof. Christopher Adolph receives Levine Prize:
The 2014 Levine Book Prize has been awarded to Christopher Adolph of the University of Washington for his book Bankers, Bureaucrats and Central Bank Politics (Cambridge University Press).  The prize committee was composed of Professors Agnes Batory (Central European University; Chair), Luc Juillet (University of Ottawa) and Julia Fleischer (University of Amsterdam).  The committee says that Adolph's book "raises important questions about the assumed all-importance of central bank independence and provides a fascinating insight into the ways the professional background of key officials shapes monetary policy." 

Prof. Karen Litfin interviewed in UW Today for her new book, "Ecovillages: Lessons For Sustainable Community"

Prof. Rebecca Thorpe in UW Today for her new book, “The American Warfare State: The Domestic Politics of Military Spending”

Prof. Christopher Parker on Scholars Strategy Network web site, "A Suicidal Republican Civil War"

Prof. Christopher Parker interviewed on Salon.com, "Tea Party’s hot mess: Inside a noisy, disenchanted movement"

Prof. Tony Gill on Georgetown University’s Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs’ Religious Freedom Project’s Cornerstone blog, "Reformations, Enlightenments, and the Middle East: A Response to Thomas Friedman"

Prof. Victor Menaldo on The Washington Post's Monkey Cage, "How democracies are gamed for power and profit: an addendum to Piketty"

Prof. Matt Barreto in The Seattle Weekly, "The Seattle Prof Who Is Changing the Conversation—and Law—Surrounding Voter I.D."

Prof. John Wilkerson and CAPPP featured in UW Today, "Online ‘Legislative Explorer’ uses
big data to track decades of lawmaking"

The European Union Studies Association has Awarded Jim Caporaso its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award in EU Studies.  The awards committee noted how Jim's research crosses over into both IR and
Comparative with work that has spanned social policy, political economy, theories of integration and law; his mentoring and supervision of a number of top notch students in the field, broadly defined; and his contributions through his participation in EUSA and his many and varied contributions to the field.
This is the Association's most prestigious award that has been given in the past to Leon Lindberg, Eric Stein, Stanley Hoffman, Fritz Scharpf, Jeremy Richardson and Alberta Sbragia for their academic and professional work in EU studies. The award will be presented to Jim at the EUSA Conference in March 2015 in Boston.

Prof. Christopher Parker radio interview on ABC Classic FM (Australia) for discussion about Tea Party and their core beliefs.

Angela Day
, Political Science Grad, answers questions for UW Today about her new book, "Red light to Starboard"

Prof. John Wilkerson on The Washington Post's The Monkey Cage blog, "Why bill success is a lousy way to keep score in Congress"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in The Seattle Times, "Devyani Khobragade arrest created a U.S.-India rift"

Prof. Victor Menaldo in The Seattle Times, "A Glimmer of Hope for Democracy in Egypt"

Prof. Victor Menaldo
on Washington Post's The Monkey Cage, "Why Egypt’s new constitution may not turn out as badly as you think"

Prof. Karen Litfin in EugeneWeekly.com on "Ecovillages, Ecodistricts and Climate Change"

Prof. Chris Parker on CSPAN2 for lecture recorded at Colby College. Book discussion on Change They Can't Believe In . Lively audience discussion.

Prof. Victor Menaldo in Foreign Policy, "South Africa, Unequal by Design"

Prof. Chris Parker interviewed on MSNBC's Disrupt, "Will the Tea Party outlast Pres. Obama?"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in Boston Review, "The World in not Scandinavia"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in openDemocracy.net, "Government corruption leads to industrial accidents, not global brands"

Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, "More on Trade and Labor Rights"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in openDemocracy.net, "Misplaced priorities? Global leadership and Indiaʼs domestic neglect of human rights"

Prof. Aseem Prakash in openDemocracy.net, "Donʼt blame the military alone: womenʼs rights in Pakistan"

Prof. Chris Parker, "Will the Tea Party Outlast Obama?", on the Democracy - A Journal of Ideas web site

Prof. John Wilkerson LegSim work featured in Arts & Sciences Perspectives newletter.

Prof. Margaret Levi (and John Alhquist) at the Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University, on activism by the ILWU.

Prof. Margaret Levi
, Amanda Clayton and John Ahlquist on The Washington Post Monkey Cage Blog, "What are the implications of the AFL-CIO’s expanding membership criteria?"

Prof. Margaret Levi and John Ahlquist on The Washington Post Monkey Blog, "The decline of union membership and what it means for politics"

Prof. Chris Parker on Background Briefing program, radio station KPFK (LA area), discussing reactionary conservatives and the Tea Party

Prof. Chris Parker in DiePresse.com, "Tea Party will disappear if Obama cedes"
(In German. Google Chrome browser will translate.)

Prof. Jack Turner in The Contemporary Condition, "The Racial Innocence of John Roberts"

Prof. Chris Parker in The Washington Post Wonkblog, "The shutdown is a Republican civil war"

Prof. Chris Parker in The National Memo, "Change They Can’t Believe In: The Tea Party And Reactionary Politics In America"

Prof. Chris Parker in The Washington Post Blog, “The Tea Party is better understood as a reactionary conservative force”

Prof. Chris Parker in The Washington Post Wonkblog on the Tea Party movement, "People don’t fully appreciate how committed the tea party is to not compromising"

Prof. John Wilkerson in The Economist, "Obamacare's hidden parentage"

Prof. Chris Parker in NYT Opinion on Radical Convervatism

Prof. Margaret Levi and John Ahlquist in the Detroit Free Press, "Ahlquist & Levi: AFL-CIO takes a big, but necessary, leap of faith"

"Latinos: The Changing Face of Washington" on KCTS featuring Profs. Barreto and Fraga

Profs. Barreto and Fraga's Latino Decisions poll referenced on The Seattle Times opinion page

Prof. Steve Majeski quoted on KPLU about the Syria situation

Prof. Chris Adolph commentary on possible new Fed Chair in Deutsche Welle, "Yin or yang for the Fed?"

Prof. Victor Menaldo in the NYT Opinion on Egypt, "There's Hope in the Long Run"

Prof. Jamie Mayerfeld in the Everett Herald opinion pages, "Guantanamo Bay a shameful chapter in U.S. history"

Prof. Luis Fraga quoted in Seattle Times editorial, "Univision’s window on America"

Prof. Victor Menaldo in Foreign Policy on the Egyptian coup, "The Odds are Good for Egypt"

Prof. Margaret Levi in The Guardian (UK), "Finding political willpower to ensure business enforces ethical labour"

Professor Christopher Parker on KUOW for Tea Party discussion (at 27:20 time).

Profs. Barreto and Parker's work on Tea Party discussed in The New Republic, "The Almost-Inevitable Shutdown"

Profs. Barreto and Parker's findings in new book, "Change They Can't Believe In," hightlighted on The New Republic web site.

Prof. Parker in the Seattle Times, Jerry Large column, "Across the great divide: UW professor looks at the tea party"

Prof. Parker on CNN Opinion site, "Tea Party Rise Will Be Short"

Profs. Parker and Barreto's new book, "Change They Can't Believe In," featured in UW Today news.

Prof. Chris Parker on Pacifica Radio Los Angeles (at 16:40) discussing the Tea Party and his book on the subject.

Prof. Jonathan Mercer in Foreign Affairs, "Bad Reputation: Has Obama Blown His Credibility -- And Syria?"

Prof. Aseem Prakash and Joshua Eastin (Ph.D.) in The Seattle Times, "India rapes show gender inequality persists despite economic growth"

Prof. Christopher Parker on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews: Chris Matthews talks with “Black Tea” documentary filmmaker Kevin Dotson and author and professor Christopher Parker about the new documentary that seeks to discover why African Americans are joining the Tea Party despite the strain of racism that the party is accused of containing.

Luis Fraga on Univ. of North Texas panel: Latino voters, politics discussed in Q&A session

Professor Victor Menaldo in the New York Times Opinion Pages, "Aftermath of Revolution"

Profs. Barreto and Fraga interviewed in UW Today regarding upholding Voting Rights access and amicus curiae to Supreme Court

Death of Emeritus Professor David Olson
(Seattle Times Obituary)

Ellis Goldberg in Foreign Policy, "Egypt's political crisis"

Ellis Goldberg writing about Egypt in Jadaliyya eZine, (three articles)

Luis Fraga in the Seattle Times, "Minorities' next move in politics"

George Lovell interviewed in UW Today, "This is Not Civil Rights"

Prof. Jack Turner's book Awakening to Race featured in UW Today

Matt Barreto in Arts&Sci Perspectives regarding the Latino vote 2012

Chris Parker in Arts&Sci Perspectives inteview about the Tea Party

Seattle PI cites WashingtonPoll as "State's Most Reliable Opinion Poll"

Profs. Matt Barreto and Christopher Parker talk the WashingtonPoll on KCTS 9 Connects

Mark Smith on National Public Radio

Mark Smith on the FiveThirtyEight web site

Political Science Major wins Rhodes Scholarship:
Byron Gray -- a triple major in Political Science, Law Society and Justice, and International Studies -- has been named a Rhodes Scholar.  Byron was also named a Beinecke Scholar last spring.  When receiving that award, he noted that his three majors complement each other because they are united by an underlying interest in how people conceptualize the world and how these conceptualizations shape political and social struggles. Among many other things, Bryon has been a tutor in the Writing Center and the managing editor of the Orator Undergraduate Journal of Political Science.

Matt Barreto in the New York Times opinion pages, "Watch for ‘Sí Se Puede’ Signs at Obama Rallies"

Victor Menaldo on Burma Democracy in Foreign Policy, "Burma Can Bring It."

Christopher Parker's Winter 2012 class on patriotism featured in Art & Sciences Newsletter, Perspectives, "Who's Patriotism is This, Anyway?"

Victor Menaldo paper, "Rainfall, Human Capital, and Democracy" (with Stephen Haber), discussed in The Economist article, "Historysis: Can conquests centuries ago explain the democratic deficit in the Arab world today?"

Heather Pool has been selected as the 2012 College of Arts and Sciences Graduate Medalist for the social sciences. This award is recognition of an outstanding recent or upcoming Ph.D. in each of the divisions of the College. This notable accomplishment for Heather recognizes the quality of her scholarly work along with the numerous contributions she has made to the Department and College. In addition, she is being honored as part of the UW 150th anniversary celebration with a "Timeless Award" as part of recognition of past and future notables of the UW.

Peter May has been named as the 2012 recipient of the Marsha Landolt Graduate Mentor Award

Luis Fraga has been selected by the Fulcrum Foundation and the Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle as one of five 2012 Champions of Catholic Education.  This recognition is for his leadership in helping to establish language immersion schools as a means of more fully incorporating immigrants and others into the educational system.  He will be recognized this week at the Foundation's Celebration of Light 2012.

Daniel Berliner is the recipient of this year's IPE Graduate Student Best Paper award. The title of Daniel's paper is: "The Impact of Freedom of Information Laws on Foreign Direct Investment in Developing Countries." The committee notes that "Daniel Berliner argues convincingly in this paper that democratic transparency is an important factor in the decision of foreign firms to engage in foreign direct investment (FDI) in developing countries.  He provides solid empirical evidence for his views.  The indicator of democratic transparency that he has selected is the adoption of freedom of information (FOI) laws.  Together with a general commitment to the rule of law, the adoption of FOI laws is strongly  correlated with inflows of FDI." Daniel Berliner will received a framed certificate and a check for $100 at the IPE section's business meeting in San Diego in April 2012.

Naomi Murakawa
and Katherine Beckett (Sociology and LSJ) have received a UW Royalty Research Fund grant for their project, "The Shadow Carceral State:  The Hidden Politics of Penal Expansion."  Naomi has also been designated a UW Royalty Research Fund Scholar.  The combination of the grant and the scholar designation is a notable achievement.

Tony Gill's podcasts on religion in the UW Today.

James Long (University of California-San Diego) to join UW Faculty.

Lance Bennett presented the Annual Faculty Lecture in 2011-12.  This is the highest honor that UW faculty bestow on one of their own in selecting a distinguished UW scholar to deliver the annual faculty lecture.  In addition to honoring the recipient, the award is designed to increase awareness, both within and outside the University, of the nature and significance of original work being done by outstanding faculty members.  We have not had this honor bestowed on one of our faculty members since Donald Matthews was the lecturer in 1989. This is another stellar achievement for Lance and yet another indicator of the excellence of our department.  Lance was jointly nominated by us and by the Department of Communication.

Graduate student Hind Ahmed Zaki and Prof. Angelina Godoy (Director of the Center for Human Rights, and Adjunct Associate Professor of Political Science), were recognized last week as "Women of Courage" by the UW Women's Center for their advocacy of human rights. 

Matt Barreto and The Washington Poll in The Seattle P-I regarding I-1125 and I-1183.

Research by Aseem Prakash, Brian Greenhill (UW PhD, Assistant Professor at Dartmouth College) and Layna Mosley of the University of North Carolina was subject of an Op-Ed in the New York times by Layna Mosley.

Luis Fraga
has just been named by Hispanic Business Magazine as one of the Top 100 Hispanic Influentials in the United States for which he is one of eight named in the education division.  

Luis Fraga
was at the National Press Club in Washington DC on Friday October 21st speaking about the APSA Presidential Task Force Report on Political Science in the 21st Century.    Luis co-chaired the task force along with Terri Givens .  The report is available through the APSA website.

Christopher Parker quoted on the Axcess News site article, " Tea party fuels rise of Herman Cain. So how can it be racist?"

Christopher Parker in Slate regarding the Tea Party, "Black Swan: The surprise rise of Herman Cain has the Tea Party asking: “Who’s racist now?"

Christopher Parker in Clarence Page's column (The Chicago Tribune) talking about Herman Cain, " Cain's racial offense."

W. Lance Bennett, PhD, of the University of Washington, recently had his article ranked among the Journal of Communication’s top-cited articles of 2010. Bennett’s article, titled “A New Era of Minimal Effects? The Changing Foundations of Political Communication”, was published in the Journal of Communication 58:4 in 2008.

Aseem Prakash
and Mary Kay Gugerty have received a 2 year grant ($154K) from the National Science Foundation for their project, The Global Emergence of NGO & Nonprofit Voluntary Regulation.

Peter May one of sixteen UW faculty members name to the state academy of sciences.

Aseem Prakash and co-authors win APSA Award. The paper, "Contingent Convergence (or Divergence): Unpacking the Linkages between Labor Rights and Foreign Direct Investment," co-authored by Brian Greenhill, Layna Mosley, and Aseem Prakash has been named as 2011 Labor Project Best Paper. They will receive the prize at the 2011 APSA meeting.

Jamie Mayerfeld Op-Ed in the Seattle Times regarding Guantánamo Bay detainees

GPSS has chosen Susanne Recordon from Political Science for the Graduate Program Assistant of the Year Award.  Congratulations Susanne!

13th Annual Political Science Convocation

Political Science Department has four winners in the 2011 UW Awards in Excellence.

Jack Turner delivered a paper entitled "James Baldwin and Democratic Reconstitution" at the American Democracy Forum at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, on May 25.

Luis Fraga has been appointed by President Obama to President's Advisory Commission on Educational Excellence for Hispanics. The Commission is charged with identifying ways to raise academic achievement among Hispanic students. Luis is one of seven people from academe on the 15-member Commission. He was sworn in as a member of the Commission on May 26th by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.

Ann Buscherfeld
is one of the recipients of this year's Distinguished Staff Award.
This is the highest award given to staff in the University and a fitting tribute to
the lasting contributions that Ann has made to the Department, College, and University.
She will be formally receiving the award in June at the annual UW Awards of Excellence Ceremony.

Matt Barreto
on CNN discussing the Latino vote, "'Tequila Party' aims to increase Latino voting bloc,"

Brian Greenhill
, PhD in 2010 and now assistant professor at Dartmouth College, is a recipient of an honorable mention for the APSA's Mancur Olson Award. This award by the APSA Political Economy Section is for the best dissertation in political economy over the past two years.

Naomi Murkawa's book, "The First Civil Right: Race and the Rise of the Carceral State," has been accepted for publication by Oxford University Press.

Becca Thorpe's book, "The Warfare State: Perpetuating the U. S. Military Economy," has been accepted for publication by the University of Chicago Press.

Mary Anne Madeira has been selected as one of six UW Hanauer Graduate Fellows for 2011-12.  The fellowship is aimed at fostering research about Western Civilization and helping to prepare teachers who have well-reasoned convictions about its place in the curriculum of liberal arts institutions.

Andrew Cockrell is a recipient of the 2011 Excellence in Teaching Award that is given annually to two graduate students throughout the entire university.  He is the first TA from our department to receive this award. 

Jon Mercer is a recipient of the 2011 UW Distinguished Teaching Award that recognizes excellence in teaching at the highest levels of the University. 

Peter May, was recently awarded Honorable Mention for the UW's highest honor and recognition for distinguished graduate mentorship, the 2011 Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award.  He holds the unprecedented honor of receiving Honorable Mention, no less than three times. 

Victor Menaldo and colleague's work discussed in the Wall Street Journal

Victor Menaldo and colleague have the lead article for February 2011 American Political Science Review, "Do Natural Resources Fuel Authoritarianism? A Reappraisal of the Resource Curse"

Victor Menaldo in the Wall Street Journal, "Where Does Democracy Grow Best?"

Victor Menaldo cited on Bloomberg News, " Islam Blamers Ignore Mideast's Trouble Source"

Christopher Parker on cited on Politico web site, " Tea party affair could doom GOP"

Christopher Parker on NPR web site, " Tea Party Gains Wide Support Among Conservatives"

Christopher Parker interviewed for AlterNet site regarding Tea Party, "Rift in the Right: Many Conservatives Reject the Tea Party's Paranoid Views"

Becca Thorpe research cited in NYT by David Brooks

Aseem Prakash
and Mary Kay Gugerty have been awarded the prize for the best article published in 2010 in the journal, Regulation and Governance. The award-winning article is "Trust but Verify? Voluntary Regulation Programs in the Nonprofit Sector", 4(1): 22-47.

Matt Barreto and Karam Dana (former UW PhD student) have written an op-ed for CNN.com about
their study of Muslim Americans, in response to the Congressional hearings tomorrow on radicalization
of Muslims, sponsored by Peter King (R-NY).  Their data show that mosques and religiosity may help
Muslims integrate into the U.S. not become isolated.
Their study was also covered yesterday in the American Prospect and Salon.com:


Victor Menaldo in USA Today, "A democracy's best bet: Revolution first"

Professor Luis Fraga
has been selected to deliver the UW's 2011 Samuel E. Kelly Distinguished Faculty Lecture. This annual lecture is named in honor of the University of Washington’s first Vice President of Minority Affairs and acknowledges the work of outstanding faculty focusing on diversity and social justice. Luis will be giving a lecture on the evening of Thursday, April 7, 2011 at 6:30 pm at the Jones Playhouse. Details will be forthcoming as the date nears.

Ellis Goldberg in Foreign Affairs, "Egyptian Businessmen Eye the Future"

Elllis Goldberg in Foreign Affairs, "Mubarakism Without Mubarak"

Brian Greenhill (UW PhD 2009), Assistant Professor of Government at Dartmouth College, has been awarded the Western Political Science Association's 2011 Best Dissertation Award.

WISER in the National News

Stuart Scheingold, professor emeritus of Political Science, dies

Christopher Parker Wins APSA Ralph Bunche Book Award

Peter May Awarded Matthews Professorship

Christopher Parker Named Stuart A. Scheingold Professor of Social Justice

Aseem Prakash Awarded the Walker Family Professorship for the College of Arts and Sciences

Luis Fraga appeared on PBS News Hour to debate the issue of immigration reform and the Arizona law

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon delivered the Severyns-Ravenholt Lecture on Oct. 26, 2009

Political Science Alum wins election for King County Executive

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