Resources: Service Learning

Combining coursework with community service experience...

The service Learning Program offers you an exciting chance to combine your coursework with important service to your community. The Carlson Center in cooperation with the Political Science Department has designed opportunities and projects in community, government, and not-for-profit organizations that fulfill a need of the organization while advancing your understanding of the course goals and objectives. Working 20-40 hours per quarter, these "real world" experiences can provide an enriching perspective on your course reading and assignments as you learn more about your subject, yourself, and the world around you.

The following profiles include an outline of frequently offered courses and instructor approved service learning opportunities available to fulfill the course requirements.

POLS 249--Introducation to Labor Studies
POLS 303--Public Policy
POLS 313--Woman and Politics
POLS 350--American Interest Groups
POLS 365--Lawyers in American Politics
POLS 401--Punishment
POLS 401--Women in Democracy
POLS 405--Political Decision Making

For more information regarding the Service Learning Program please look at the Carlson Center Web Page.