POL S 335 A: Topics In Political Economy

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MTWTh 2:20pm - 5:00pm
PCAR 295

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This course is an introduction to the political economy of development. We examine the following questions throughout the quarter: Why are some countries rich, while others remain poor? Do poverty traps exist? How does politics shape economic development across countries and within countries over time? What political institutions matter for explaining variation in economic development, why do these institutions matter, and where did they come from? What role do culture, education, inequality, access to finance, family and gender, corruption and the provision of public goods play in economic development? To answer these questions, we take a topic based approach and use Poor Economics (2010) as our base text. Each chapter is paired with a journal article and/or relevant news articles. Country case studies come from the developing world, but with a focus on from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.


The assignments for the course will be compromised of in-class participation (15%), a group presentation (20%), three short writes (25%), and a final paper (40%).

 Please be sure to carefully read the syllabus and note all deadlines in your calendars.

 Always be sure that you are referring to the most recent syllabus (most update is currently dated 7.19.2016).



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Writing (W)
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