POL S 509 A: Political Theory Core

Meeting Time: 
W 1:30pm - 4:20pm
SMI 111
Christine DiStefano

Syllabus Description:

In this core seminar for students who would like to become knowledgeable about the field of political theory, we will explore the literature on justice, beginning with John Rawls' seminal text, A Theory of Justice, which has become a vital touchstone for subsequent theories of justice.  Additional readings will include:  Robert Nozick, Anarchy, State, and Utopia; Michael Sandel, Liberalism and the Limits of Justice; Alasdaire MacIntyre, Whose Justice?  Which Rationality?; Susan Moller Okin, Justice, Gender, and the Family; Michael Walzer, Spheres of Justice;  Iris Marion Young, Justice and the Politics of Difference; Martha Nussbaum, Frontiers of Justice; Robert Garner,  A Theory of Justice for Animals; Shatema Threadcraft, Intimate Justice.

This seminar is reading- and writing-intensive.  Students will be asked to read Rawls, A Theory of Justice in advance of the first seminar meeting.  We will read an assigned text for every seminar meeting.  For each assigned reading, students will be expected to come to seminar with a 3-5 page response paper.  Additional information about the response papers will be sent to students enrolled in this seminar in advance of our first meeting. 

Final grades will be based on the response papers and participation in seminar discussions (50%), and the final paper (50%).  The final paper (20-25 pages) will not require additional research.  


Catalog Description: 
Central themes in political theory and the works of major political theorists, past and present.
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