POL S 432 A: Political Islam And Islamic Fundamentalism

Summer Term: 
Meeting Time: 
MTWTh 2:20pm - 4:50pm
CMU 228
Joint Sections: 
JSIS B 406 A
Rafeel Wasif

Syllabus Description:

Course Description:

This course provides a broad theoretical base, both descriptive and analytical, to understand to intersection of politics and Islam in contemporary times. We will start with building a theoretical base to understand the intersection of religion and politics in the modern world, and provide a brief historical overview of Islamist movements across the world. Case-studies will cover many contemporary issues in the Islamic world, including ISIS, Israel-Palestine conflict, social media and the Arab Spring, terrorism, globalization and Islamic NGOs, and the rise of Islamic economics.

Course Requirements:

35% Final Exam

25% Response Paper

20% Class Participation

20% Student Presentation

The course will be a combination of lecture, large group discussions and student presentations. Since we will cover a lot of material in a relatively short period of time, regular student attendance is strongly encouraged.

Catalog Description: 
Study of resurgence, since mid-1970s, of political Islam and what has come to be called Islamic fundamentalism, especially in the Middle East. Topics include the nature and variety of political Islam today, causes and implications of the current resurgence, and comparison with previous resurgences. Offered: jointly with JSIS B 406.
Department Requirements: 
Comparative Politics Field
International Relations Field
International Security Option
GE Requirements: 
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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