POL S 359 A: U.S. Latino Politics

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TTh 10:00am - 11:20am
MLR 301
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Sophia Jordán Wallace

Syllabus Description:

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Political Science 359/ Chicano Studies 359 : Latino Politics

Fall 2018

Prof. Sophia Jordán Wallace 

Course Overview:

This course will provide a general survey of Latino politics in the United States. The Latino population is estimated to be nearly 58 million and Latinos comprise 18% of the national population. The purpose of the course is to learn about both the history and political processes Latinos have taken part in, but also probe deeper theoretical questions of ethnicity and identity. For example, what is a Latino pan-ethnic identity? The course will also examine the role of the “Latino Vote” and examine the impact of Latino voters on recent campaigns and elections. A significant segment of the course will focus on the policy process and examine the interaction of Latinos with other political actors and groups. For example, legislation aimed at immigrants and Latinos more broadly such as Arizona’s SB1070 and the DREAM Act. The course will also include topics such as social movements, political imagery, public opinion, and political representation. Finally, this course will utilize film and art on immigration, changing demographics, and the Chicano Movement.


Course Requirements:

This course is an upper division course with both lecture and section. Students are required to write two papers over the term (4-5 pgs.) There are also two in-class and closed book exams, a midterm and a cumulative final exam. The due dates/exam dates are as follows:

                                                Due Date

Paper #1                                 10/25/18

Midterm                                 11/8/18

Paper #2                                11/29/18

Final Exam                            12/10/18

Catalog Description: 
Examines historical and current political incorporation of Latinos in the United States. Topics include Latino voting and voter mobilization, office seeking and representation, Latino public opinion, and public policy formation on "Latino issues." Offered: jointly with CHSTU 359.
Department Requirements: 
American Politics Field
GE Requirements: 
Diversity (DIV)
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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