POL S 203 A: Introduction to International Relations

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MTWTh 2:20pm - 5:00pm
JHN 026
Travis Nelson

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Summer 2018

POLS 203: Introduction to International Relations

M-TH 2:30-5pm, JHN 026

5 Credits




Instructor: Travis Nelson

Office hrs: T/TH 5:00-6:00

Office: GWN 36



Course Description
This course is designed to introduce students with the principles of international politics. We will use the three major theoretical approaches to international relations -- Realism, Liberalism, and Constructivism -- to explore both current and historical events. Theories of international politics are designed to serve as schematics to aid in the understanding of the root causes and consequences of events. This course will be divided into four components.

The first section of this course is devoted to understanding the basic theories of international politics. Here we will explore the birth of the modern state system, the rise of nationalism, and the three levels of analysis (the individual, the national, and the systemic). The second section of this course focuses on war and peace. Here we will discuss the origins of WWI and WWII, the Cold War, and Democratic Peace Theory. Section three delves into the world of political economy. Here we will go over globalization, trade, and theories of economic development. Section four delves into the environment, human rights, and international law.

Students are expected to keep up with current events in national and international politics through the daily reading of a national newspaper. A portion of the online discussion board is dedicated to the discussion of current events.

See syllabus here for reading assignments

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The world community, its politics, and government. Offered: AWSpS.
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Introductory Courses
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Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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