POL S 503 A: Advanced Quantitative Political Methodology

TTh 5:30pm - 6:50pm / SAV 139
F 1:30pm - 3:20pm / SAV 121
Joint Sections: 
CS&SS 503 A

Syllabus Description:

Advanced Quantitative Political Methodology continues the graduate sequence in quantitative political methodology. The focus of this course is to conceptually understand the use of regression models for statistical inference, properly apply these methods to analyze data using statistical software, draw valid conclusions, and present these conclusions in a concise and clear manner.

This course also continues the focus on the structural causal model (SCM) framework of causal inference and introduces several causal effect estimators, including g-computation estimators, propensity score estimators, and inverse probability weighted estimators, as time permits.

Course assignments include (1) five homework assignments and (2) one final exam or research project.

Catalog Description: 
Theory and practice of likelihood inference. Includes probability modeling, maximum likelihood estimation, models for binary responses, count models, sample selection, and basis time series analysis. Offered: jointly with CS&SS 503.
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