POL S 327 A: Women's Rights as Human Rights

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LSJ 327 A
Rachel A. Cichowski

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 This course is an elective course for the comparative legal institutions and human rights track of the Law, Societies & Justice major and serves as an elective course in the Group A Data Studies track of the Data Science Minor.  There are no pre-requisites for the course.  The course is both interdisciplinary and comparative rather than having a United States focus. The purpose of the course is to expose students to the complex issues - social, political, economic and legal - that characterize women’s rights around the globe. The course also critically examines the limits and benefits of data science approaches for women’s human rights.  Students will be asked to think critically about women’s rights while thinking comparatively about the varying domestic and international settings that can alter the meaning and practical application of these rights. The course will focus on various substantive policy areas and their intersection with women’s rights including health, the environment, gender violence and human trafficking.   

Further, students given the opportunity to conduct research on a women’s rights topic. The course will provide students with an introduction to and assistance in utilizing primary (data, court cases, treaties, policy reports etc) and secondary (peer reviewed journal articles and books) sources for conducting research.


  • Analyze and examine global women's right issues
  • Critically assess the limits and benefits of using data to attain women’s human rights
  • Critically assess policy approaches and solutions for global women's rights issues
  • Analyze and examine the impact of gender data on society and policy makers
  • Construct and conduct an independent research project using data to examine a global women's rights issue
  • Acquire and apply skills to share your research analysis through a Research Paper


Midterm Exam                                              25%
Research paper (9-10 pages)                       30%
Final Exam                                                     25%
Quiz Section Assignments/Participation   20%

Catalog Description: 
Women's rights in comparative perspective, focusing on varying settings that alter the meaning and practical application. Domestic level: areas including abortion politics to trafficking in women. International level: areas including equality claims before European supranational judicial bodies, rape as war crime in international law. Offered: jointly with LSJ 327.
Department Requirements: 
Comparative Politics Field
International Relations Field
GE Requirements: 
Diversity (DIV)
Individuals and Societies (I&S)
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