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The nature and purpose of this website is to assist students interested in the study of political science by helping them find resources provided by the University of Washington and outside providers. This information is forwarded to this blog as a courtesy and an illustration of possible resources. The Political Science department does not endorse or promote any specific products, services, or vendors.

Upcoming application cycle and information sessions for the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program (NSF GRFP). NSF GRFP is one of the premier opportunities to fund graduate study, providing 3 years of funding which includes a $34,000 annual stipend and full cost of tuition/fees. Current undergrads and bachelor's alumni planning for graduate study, as well as current graduate students may be eligible to apply. Further details and a forward-able message are below. Please share widely!

Although the name may suggest that only STEM students are eligible, the list of eligible fields is quite diverse. This is not the complete list of eligible fields, but just some examples (see the complete list at ...

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The Get Engaged program places young adults ages 18-29 on the City of Seattle’s public boards and commissions. Get Engaged commissioners serve a one-year term starting September each year

Acting in an advisory capacity to the Mayor and City Council, commissioners help shape policy decisions, make recommendations, and provide citizen participation in city government. Started in 2001, Get Engaged is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders and advocating for the influence of young voices in city affairs.

More information (including a list of the city’s boards and commissions), and our application can be found here:


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The UW Study Abroad Office will be hosting its final Identity Abroad discussion of spring quarter today from 4:00-5:30pm in COM 226.  A wonderful student panel has been assembled to discuss their experiences navigating various aspects of their identity.  This is a mixed panel of men and women who represent a variety of study abroad programs and perspectives. Students preparing to go abroad are encouraged to join this discussion.

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Making Democracy Work: A Conversation with Aruna Roy
Thursday, May 24 6 PM Communications 120 Simpson Center for the Humanities University of Washington, Seattle  
Click here to read an excerpt from The RTI Story
Please visit the South Asia Center's event calendar... Read more
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Do you want to be part of the Neah Bay cohort for 2018 – 2019?

Would you like to travel to Neah Bay twice during the year and work with a class of 5th grade Makah students on a project entitled:

Telling Our Stories: Imagining Our Futures?

Deadline has been extended to May 24th.

For more information and a link to the application.  Look here.

Any questions?  Contact: Christine Stickler at

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NEAR E 268 Introduction to the Silk Road (5) I&S A term - SLN 12560 Introduces students to the Silk Road as a site of cultural exchange between peoples, and of political, economic, and intellectual exchange between regions and continents. Themes include ecology, empire, ethnicity, language, religion, and the arts. Considers the Silk Road as a forerunner and symbol of modern globalization. Offered: jointly with JSIS A 268.     NEAR E 266 The Modern Middle East and Central Asia (5) I&S B term - SLN 12559 Ethnographic overview of Muslim societies in the middle east and central Asia from various anthropological perspectives. Examines the unity and diversity of Muslim communities and acquaints students with the significant linguistic, cultural, and political diversity of Muslim societies. Helps students develop an understanding of Islam as a lived experience.  
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Do you have an exceptional research paper you would like to take to the next level? Husky Global Affairs would like to consider that work for the HGA 2018 Spring Journal!    Husky Global Affairs is an undergraduate research club that focuses on the field of global business, political science and economics. We provide an outlet for students conducting research in this area a platform to share, discuss, and get feedback on their ideas.   Submit it to to be featured in the Husky Global Affairs Journal.  Submissions should be two to ten single-spaced pages.  We encourage content of any discipline, and should be of contemporary relevance to those interested in social, economic, or political ideas.  
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Sign up soon, spaces are limited! (Not Honors Restricted)

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Please use SLN 14643 to register.

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