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"As a country, the United States has had previous moments where race has come to the forefront of our national dialogue, and where protests have called for change." Prof. Christopher Parker talked with KNKX's Ed Ronco on that it's possible this moment is different, and talked about why, as well as his doubts. You can listen to the conversation and read a summary here.
"Hong Kong people ruling Hong Kong as kind of the original formulation of one country two systems, proved to be a mirage. " Graduate student Brian Leung talked to the House Foreign Affairs Committee on the new security law in Hong Kong. China has unilaterally imposed law on Hong Kong. There is no meaningful distinction between the system of Hong Kong and China. The Chinese party-state has engulfed the Hong Kong governance system. Hong Kong civil society is under full assault and purveyed by a sense of political fear, self-censorship, and legal... Read more
Graduate student Beatrice Magistro give us a personal account of how the recent F1 VISA for International Students decision by the Trump Administration may not be in the best interest for the students and the U.S. "After President Trump’s recent executive order suspending the new issuance of several ICE announced that foreign students under F and M visa may not remain in the US if they exclusively take online classes in the Fall. The recent measures regarding J-1 visas and F-1 visas, if taken a few years ago, would have not made my... Read more
KIRO Radio Nights had Political Science's Scott Lemieux on to explain a recent Supreme Court decision on how the Electoral College electors for states must abide by the will of the voters and not change their candidate. What happened?Two states, Colorado and Washington, penalized electors for not voting along with the voters will in... Read more
In the Seattle Times Opinion, Prof. Christopher Parker says that, "...if patriotism is anything, it’s about sacrifice." "So, on this most American holiday, one where we celebrate American independence and thevalues on which the country was founded, ask yourself a question. Is America of 2020, at least for Black folks, really any different than Frederick Douglass’ America of 1852? If you conclude that it’s not, and you’... Read more
"Four years ago, Christopher Parker, an African American political scientist at the University of Washington, wrote in the American Prospect, a liberal journal, 'makes it impossible for whites to deny the existence of racism in America….His success clashes with many white American’s vision of the United States as a fair and just place.' Those words seem prescient today, after four years of President Trump’s racism, from the 'very fine people' marching with neo-Nazis Charlottesville to, in just the past week, a 'white power' retweet and threat... Read more
Polisci Graduate Students Beatrice Magistro and Nicolas Wittstock on new visa restrictions by the Trump Administration: "On June 23rd 2020, President Donald Trump imposed restrictions on several categories of visas for foreign workers until the end of the year. The proclamation his administration issued explaining this decision suspended the issuance of H-1B visas for high-skilled labor; H-2B visas for workers not critical to America’s food supply chain; J-1 visas issued for purposes of cultural exchange and other... Read more
Prof. Jake Grumbach and collegues, Alexander Stahn and Sarah Staszak, have won the APSA Best REP Paper Award for paper "Gender, Race, and Intersectionality in Campaign Finance" that is forthcoming at Political Behavior: Abstract Campaign finance research... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash along with colleagues argues that social media and tech platforms might need regulation but not a break-up of companies. "Recent events have once again brought into focus the power of social media companies such as Twitter and Facebook to shape the public discourse, if not become headline news themselves. Both President Donald Trump and Senator Elizabeth Warren agree that high technology companies have too much power and like to talk tough with threats to 'break them up'...But this sort of political posturing begs prior questions: what kind of power do high tech platforms... Read more