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Noga Rotem
We are very happy to welcome a brilliant new scholar to our department this fall. Noga Rotem studied for her PhD in the Department of Political Science in Brown University, and earned her bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Ben-Gurion University in Israel, both summa cum laude. She has been a teaching fellow at the Pembroke Center for Teaching and Research on Women and was the recipient of a graduate fellowship from the Cogut Institute for the Humanities at Brown University. Noga’s research and teaching focus on contemporary democratic and feminist theory, history of political thought, and... Read more
Prof. Victor Menaldo on KGMI radio discussing his recent article in the Seattle Times (link) on the cancel culture and free speech: "We are negotiating the boundaries of speech and the best way to go about things so, totally part of the democratic experiment...each generation has to grapple with these issues." Traditionally, America is rooted in small-L liberalism; freedoms of speech, protest. We should not go down the road of... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak on the Forbes web site: These days, an excessive heat warning was issued for South Central and Southwest Arizona and Southeast California. These events tend to hurt some groups more than others. Those who suffer the most are the poor whom ironically, have small carbon footprints. For example, non-white neighborhoods tend to have fewer trees, and they also have smaller green spaces. Because non-white... Read more
"Jack’s political awakening began in 2014 when he joined an ultimately unsuccessful 79-day street occupation to demand the right for Hong Kong people to directly elect their leaders...On June 12, 2019, Jack was arrested, marked the start of more radical action. An opportunity came less than three weeks later, when, while out on bail, jack joined a group armed with sticks and metal railings and helped smash into the building that houses Hong Kong’s legislature." "Also in the Legislative Council building that day was Brian Leung, who read out a manifesto on... Read more
Prof. Christopher Parker writes in The Washington Post: "From abolition to the present, enlightened Whites have often been willing allies to the black freedom struggle, sometimes to great effect. But recent events suggest the partnership might have run its course, with two potentially devastating consequences: the Black Lives Matter movement failing, at least for now, to achieve its potential, and the reelection of President Trump." With today’s demand for change centered on Black resolve, genuine systemic reforms — including... Read more
Prof. Jake Grumbach's statistical work was used in the New York Times interactive article showing scenarios of mail-in voting using the 2016 election as an example. While the president claims he’s concerned about rigged elections and stolen votes, Republicans are also worried that mail-in ballots could favor Democrats. A new analysis by Times Opinion suggests that even in an extreme scenario, those fears are unfounded. If the 2016 election between President Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had been run using the universal vote-... Read more
In the Seattle Times Opinion piece, "Is our cancel culture killing free speech?," Prof. Victor Menaldo starts with the statement,"Once upon a time, folks who considered themselves left of center believed in and practiced free speech and freedom of conscience. They saw these things not only as a fundamental right that transcends politics, but also as an effective tool to advance progressive objectives and social justice."... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash, Graduate Student Hanjie Wang and Prof. Nives Dolšak tell us that China's energy plan will prioritize the economy over the environment. One analysis of a group of 20 countries committed public finance places China near the top in terms of funding for clean energy vs. fossil fuels. But Beijing’s recovery package isn’t likely to establish China as a green stimulus... Read more
Profs. Aseem Prakash and colleague Nives Dolšak in the UW Daily: Lately, Particular attention has been paid to Donald’s Trump’s rollback of 100 environmental rules, which is especially striking in an election season in which presumptive Demoractive nominee Joe Biden’s Contrasting views on climate change have been made so clear. The UW’s Aseem Prakash, a professor in the department of political science and founding director of the center of... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak comment in Forbes on former Vice President Joe Biden's climate plan. Joe Biden released an ambitious climate plan early this week. Unlike the Green New Deal that covered issues such as healthcare... Read more