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"It’s been a year since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill. George and Jeb Bush and Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham support it. Conservative public intellectuals such as David Brooks, Grover Norquist, and Karl Rove also support it, as well as more than 100 conservative economists, the Wall Street Journal and the CATO Institute. Comprehensive immigration reform enjoys a level of popularity that should make it a win-win for all involved. Still, House Republicans refuse to support it — even though the Senate recently passed a bipartisan bill with which many conservatives are... Read more
While some democracies adopt policies that systematically tend to favour the majority of the population and thus reduce inequality, others instead create policies that favour elites and the wealthy more broadly. Mike Albertus and Victor Menaldo find that the effect of democracy on redistribution is a function of the conditions under which countries transition to democracy. In democracies where elites have had little say in writing the social contract, redistribution is more likely. ... Read more
The 2014 Levine Book Prize has been awarded to Christopher Adolph of the University of Washington for his book Bankers, Bureaucrats and Central Bank Politics (Cambridge University Press).  The prize committee was composed of Professors Agnes Batory (Central European University; Chair), Luc Juillet (University of Ottawa) and Julia Fleischer (University of Amsterdam).  The... Read more
Becca Thorpe
UW Today writer Peter Kelley interviewed Prof. Rebecca Thorpe about her new book The American Warfare State: The Domestic Politics of Military Spending. Read the interview in UW Today.
Prof. Tony Gill contributes to Georgetown University’s Center for Religion, Peace, & World Affairs’ Religious Freedom Project’s Cornerstone blog: "Reformations, Enlightenments, and the Middle East: A Response to Thomas Friedman."
Chris Parker
In the midst of the Congressional primaries taking place across America this summer, the Tea Party’s history continues to be written. Tea Party membership and funding have continued to grow over the last year, yet the media has proclaimed the Tea Party dead no less than 18 times. In this paper, Christopher S. Parker asks whether the Tea Party is an “astroturf” or “grassroots” political movement. Parker argues for the latter, demonstrating that the Tea Party has real staying power in the current political climate. Read more at Brookings Institution web site:... Read more