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Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak on Forbes discussing the Jeff Bezos Earth Fund: The Bezos Earth Fund (BEF) is giving away $791 million to support climate action. Much of this money will go to well-established NGOs. NGO organizations plan to use the BEF grants for projects such as protecting the emerald Edge coastal rainforest, launching a satellite to track methane emissions, monitoring carbon emissions, and restoring mangroves. These are... Read more
Prof. Christopher Adolph contributes to the discussion regarding the possibility of confusion in a response to COVID case increase and the smooth transfer of policies from the federal government. "Not long after the world learned that President Donald Trump had lost his reelection bid, states began issuing a new round of crackdowns and emergency declarations against the surging coronavirus...President-elect Joe Biden has promised a more unified national effort once he takes office on Jan. 20, and pressure is building on Congress to pass a new financial... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash joins Q13 News This Morning to answer questions about the recent election cycle. Q13: This is the most polarized we've been in recent history? "No, I wouldn't say this has been the most polarized...The 1990s's were very polarized when Clinton was getting impeached...But what has happened in this election cycle and 2016 is that because of social media and other ways through which people can express themselves it is very loud, and very shrill. I think that is what the big difference is." Q13: The "Steak and Sushi Groups" tell us about your article in Forbes about... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak argue that the 2020 elections raise red flags for climate policy. This was supposed to be a climate election but turned out to be a “COVID-19 versus the economy” election. Exit polls suggest that Democrats and Republicans are divided on the urgency to tackle the climate crisis. America is at war with itself. On one side is the sushi crowd: the cosmopolitan urbanites who work in the internet economy, watch SNL... Read more
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It’s the most expensive race in Washington’s 2020 election. In District in Southwest Washington, Republican incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler is fighting for a sixth term against second-time Democrat challenger Carolyn Long. Herrera Beutler recently vowed to vote for Trump in this election, although she has expressed disdain for her party’s leader in the past. Carolyn Long is a professor of political science at Washington State University - Vancouver, challenging Herrera Beutler for the second time. Between these two candidates, Herrera Beutler has a record of voting against pollution controls... Read more
Prof. Christopher Parker contributes to WalletHub's "Ask The Experts" on the site's page, "2020's States with the Most & Least Powerful Voters." "Time and again, the American voting system has been a target of criticism both domestically and overseas. In order to expand the discussion, we asked a panel of experts to weigh in on the problems with the current U.S. voting structures... Read more
Chelsea, Moore, is a Ph.D. candidate in political science at the University of Washington. She also just started law school at the University of Washington where she is also an instructor and teaching assistant. She married Christoper Blackwell, who is incarcerated, at the Monroe correctional complex in Washington State. He will be released in 2045. The couple began the long process of applying with the corrections department to get married. But then the coronavirus pandemic struck and a difficult process became a near impossible one. No prison visitation... Read more
On a recent Folio Seattle talk, Prof. Christopher Adolph and Prof. Emerita Margaret Levi discuss not just the upcoming election but our year of crisis 2020 and the economic strains we are now facing. Hosted by Morton Kondracke, featuring Washington State Senator Doug Erickson and economist William Galston, as well. Prof. Adolph: "The way I think of the year 2020 is a of year of crisis on crisis." We are still feeling the... Read more
Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak on Forbes web site asking whether a potential Biden administration would change the U.S. climate policy. Climate change was a important issue in the 2019 Democratic primaries. Although Biden and Green New Dealers continue to differ on issues such as fracking, Democrats project the image of one big happy pro-climate family, united against a common foe. This has fed the expectation that the Biden Administration... Read more