Week of February 22, 2016


Scott Radnitz (Associate Professor, Jackson School) in ForeignPolicy.com, "Europe’s Extremists Are Not Putin’s Fault,” February 13, 2016, http://foreignpolicy.com/2016/02/13/europes-extremists-are-not-putins-fault/


Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality & Race (WISIR) Brown Bag: Paige Sechrest (PhD Student, Political Science, UW), "Salt in the Wound: Race and the Stigmatization of Need in International Relations". Faculty discussant: Chris Parker (Political Science, UW). Monday, February 22, 12:00-1:20pm in Smith 40A. Feel free to bring your lunch and eat during the session. Coffee and cookies will be served.

Severyns Ravenholt Seminar in Comparative Politics: David Lopez (PhD Student, Political Science, UW), "Legitimacy, Corruption, and Preferences for Redistribution in the Developing World". Faculty discussant: Victor Menaldo (Political Science, UW). Friday, February 26, 12:00-1:20pm, in Olson Room (Gowen 1A).

Duck Family Environmental Politics and Governance Colloquium Series: Michael D. McGinnis (Professor & Chair, Political Science, Indiana University, Bloomington), “Polycentricity in Global Governance: A Question of Constitutional Fit?” Friday, March 4, 12-1:30pm in the Olson Room (GWN 1A). More information available at: http://goo.gl/lM4qdP


UW Joint Seminar in Development Economics: Andrew Foster (Professor, Economics & Community Health, Brown University), "Direct and Indirect Effects of Voluntary Certification: Evidence from the Mexican Clean Industry Program." Monday, February 22, 11-12:30pm in Savery 410. The JSDE is organized by the Department of Economics, the Information School, and the Evans School of Public Affairs.

Global Mondays: The Hon. Frederique Dreifuss-Netter (Justice, Cour de Cassation of France), "Medically assisted reproduction in France: Women's choice or State choice?" Monday, February 22, 12-1:20pm in William H. Gates Hall Room 117. Lunch served. All are welcome. No RSVP needed. Sponsored by UW School of Law and Jackson School of International Studies. 

Jackson School: A discussion with Benjamin Gardner (Chair, African Studies Program at the Jackson School, UW) on his book Selling the Serengeti: The Cultural Politics of Safari Tourism. Monday, February 22, 7-8pm at the University Bookstore. Sponsored by the UW Bookstore, UW Bothell (IAS), and Jackson School for International Studies. 

Jackson School: Rajiv Chandrasekaran (best-selling author and former senior correspondent at Washington Post) will interview Emma Sky (Author and Director, Yale University World Fellows; Senior Fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute; Former advisor to U.S. officials in Iraq and Afghanistan) on Iraq. Monday, February 22, 7-9pm in Kane 120.

Jackson School & History Dept Job Talk: Christopher Gerteis (Senior Lecturer, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London), "Angry, Young and Mobile: Blue-Collar Youth and Radical Politics in Postwar Japan." Tuesday, February 23, 3:30-5pm in Smith 102.

Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies: Gary Rhoades (Professor & Head, College of Education, University of Arizona), "Faculty Unions: Promises and Pitfalls." Tuesday, February 23, 4-6pm in the Intellectual House.

Equity & Difference Lecture: Charles M. Payne (Professor, School of Social Service Administration, the University of Chicago), "Doing race better: Race and the reform of urban schools" Tuesday, February 23, 7:30pm in Kane 120. Free, but advance registration is required. Register: http://goo.gl/zr7KbF Lecture presented by the UW Graduate School.

UW Center for Human Rights Colloquium: Kirsten Foot (Professor of Communication and adjunct faculty of the Information School, UW), "Multisector Collaboration for Human Rights: Lessons and Questions from Anti-Human Trafficking Alliances." Moderated by Jamie Mayerfeld (Professor, Political Science, UW). Wednesday, February 24, 12-1pm in Smith M261. Open to UW faculty, staff, and students. Space is limited; please RSVP to uwchr@uw.edu by 2/18.

Southeast Asia Center: Mary Callahan (Associate Professor, International Studies, UW), "Contemporary Myanmar Politics and Culture." Wednesday, February 24, 5:30-8:30pm in Communications 120.

Harry Bridges Center & University Bookstore: A discussion with Robert Bussel (Professor of history and Director of the Labor Education and Research Center at the University of Oregon) on his book Fighting for Total Person Unionism: Harold Gibbons, Ernest Calloway, and Working-Class Citizenship. Thursday, February 25, 7-9pm at the University Bookstore.

UW Joint Seminar in Development Economics: Erica Field (Professor, Economics, Duke University), "Loss in the Time of Cholera: Long-run Impact of a Disease Epidemic on the Urban Landscape." Monday, February 29, 11-12:30pm in Savery 410. The JSDE is organized by the Department of Economics, the Information School, and the Evans School of Public Affairs.

Voices in Middle East Studies Series: Michael Perez (Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, UW), "The Non-National in Jordan: Statelessness and Structural Violence among Ex-Gazan Refugees." Monday, February 29, 12:30-1:30pm in Thomson 317.

Jackson School Seminar: Daniel Rosenblum (Deputy Assistant Secretary for Central Asia at the U.S. Department of State), "U.S. Foreign Policy toward Central Asia in 2016." Monday, February 29, 1:30-3pm in Communications 202.

Jackson School Seminar: Myung-koo Kang (Professor, Political Economy and Asia Affairs, Baruch College, City University of New York), "Japan's Past, Korea's Future? A Korean Model of Financial Liberalization and its Consequences." Tuesday, March 1, 3:30-5pm in Thomson 317.  

Evans School Research Seminar Series: Gisela Böhm (Professor of Psychometrics and Research Methods, University of Bergen, Norway), "Climate Change in the Social Media." Wednesday, March 2, 12-1pm in the Parrington Hall Forum (RM 309).

Voting, Elections, and Electoral Systems seminar: Erik Herron (Professor, Political Science, West Virginia University), "Serving Two Masters: Professional Bureaucracies vs. 'Investment Market' in Ukraine's Election Administration." Graduate student discussant: Calvin Garner (Political Science, UW). Thursday, March 3, 12:00-1:20pm, in HUB 307. More information is available here.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program: A conversation with Miguel Fraga, the First Secretary of the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC, on the new relations between US/Cuba governments and its peoples. Thursday, March 3, 2:30-4pm in Thomson 317.

UW Joint Seminar in Development Economics: Arun Chandrasekhar (Assistant Professor, Economics, Stanford University), "Gossip: Identifying Central Individuals in a Social Network." Monday, March 7, 11-12:30pm in Savery 410. The JSDE is organized by the Department of Economics, the Information School, and the Evans School of Public Affairs.

Evans School Research Seminar Series: Roberto Gonzales (Assistant Professor, Harvard University Graduate School of Education), "From Undocumented to DACAmented: Understanding Legal Status in a New Policy Context." Wednesday, March 7, 12-1pm in the Parrington Hall Forum (RM 309).

Evans School Research Seminar Series: Hans-Rüdiger Pfister (Professor of psychological decision research and methods, Leuphana University Luneburg, Germany), "The Cognitive Map of Risk Perception: Disputed Risk and Morality Predict Judgements of Riskiness." Wednesday, March 9, 12-1pm in the Parrington Forum (RM 309).



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