Week of March 28, 2016


Kendra Dupuy and Aseem Prakash." Do Donors Punish Countries with Restrictive NGO Laws?: A Panel Study, 1993-2012," a paper presented at the 57th annual conference of the International Studies Association, Atlanta, March 2016.

Sijeong Lim and Aseem Prakash. "Do Economic Problems at Home Undermine Worker Safety Abroad?: A Panel Study, 1980-2009," a paper presented at the 57th annual conference of the International Studies Association, Atlanta, March 2016.

Sijeong Lim and Aseem Prakash. "Inter-Governmental Regimes and Recruitment to   Private Regimes: GATT/WTO and the ISO,1951-2005, a paper presented at the 57th annual conference of the International Studies Association, Atlanta, March 2016.

Tony Gill gave a plenary address for graduate students sponsored by the Institute for Humane Studies at the Public Choice Society Meetings on May 11.  The topic was advice about getting a job from the vantage point of the person reading applicant files.  He is also an invited attendee at The I.H.S. Policy Research Seminar on State and Local Policy.  All of this happens in Fort Lauderdale just as students from semester-schools will be arriving for spring break.  How fortunate, he says sarcastically.

Travis J. Nelson gave a talk on the EU this weekend entitled "A Collapsing Europe? The Eurozone Crisis and its Implications for the European Union" at the Washington State Council for the Social Sciences Spring meeting in Lake Chelan. The talk was sponsored by the Center for West European Studies at the Jackson School.

Steve Zech and Michael Gabbay's article “Social Network Analysis in the Study of Terrorism and Insurgency: From Organization to Politics” was published by International Studies Review

Steve Zech's piece “Send in the Clowns: Opposing Anti-Migrant Citizen Patrols in Finland” appeared in Political Violence @ a Glance

Steve Zech wrote a policy brief in preparation for the upcoming UN special session on drug policy, “UNGASS 2016 and Drug Policy in Latin America.”

Xiao Ma is awarded a one-quarter dissertation writing fellowship by the China Studies Program at University of Washington.

Jon Mercer's research is mention on Vox - http://www.vox.com/2016/3/10/11195340/obama-credibility-syria

Rebecca Thorpe is the winner of the 28th D.B. Hardeman Prize from the Lyndon Johnson Foundation for her book, The American Warfare State.


University of Washington International Security Colloquium (UWISC): Anna Zelenz (PhD student, Political Science, UW), "Stirring the Pot: Theorizing Multidimensional Repression in Syria." Grad student discussant: Wesley Zuidema (Ph.D. student, Political Science, UW). Friday, April 1, 12-1:20 in the Olson Room (GWN 1A). Sponsored by the Severeyns-Ravenholt Endowment, the Richard B. Wesley Graduate Student Fund for International Relations, the Center for Global Studies at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies, and the Department of Political Science.


Humanities Washington: Mike O'Brien (Seattle City Councilmember) and Amy Snover (UW Climate Impacts Group Director) will discuss "Now or Never: Climate Change and Policymaking." Discussion moderated by Ashley Ahearn (KUOW environmental reporter). Wednesday, March 30, 7-8:30pm at the Naked City Brewery (8564 Greenwood Ave N., Seattle, WA 98103).

Jackson School and Middle East Center: Çağlar Keyder (Professor of Sociology, Binghamton University and at Koç University in Istanbul), "Turkey: From Islamic Democracy to Authoritarian Nationalism." Thursday, April 7, 3:30-5pm in Kane Hall - the Walker Ames Room. For information contact: mecuw@uw.edu.

UW chapter of United Students Against Sweatshops: Noi Supalai (Nike factory worker and union president), "Nike Worker Speak-Out." Thursday, April 7, at 7pm in Savery Hall.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program: Onur Bakiner (Assistant Professor, Political Science, Seattle University), "Truth Commissions: Memory, Power, and Legitimacy." Friday, April 15, 12-1:20pm in the Allen Library Petersen Room. Sponsored by: Latin American and Caribbean Studies Program, Comparative Law and Society Studies, Law Societies and Justice, Center for Human Rights