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Students on the Academic Market for 2016-2017

University of Washington, Seattle is pleased to present candidates on the 2015-2016 academic market. Below we provide their brief profiles: dissertation abstract, dissertation committee members, resume, list of publications, teaching experience, and contact email. Should you have any questions, please contact these candidates or their dissertation committee chairs, Susanne Recordon (Placement Coordinator), or Professor Aseem Prakash (2016-2017 Placement Director).


Fields of Study

Hind Ahmed Zaki  Comparative Politics, Middle East Politics, Law and Society, Social Movements, Gender and Sexuality

Carolina Johnson

American Politics, Civic Engagement, Comparative Politics, Political Communication, Political Methodology, Public Policy, Quantitative Methods, Statistics

Filiz Kahraman

Comparative Politics, Courts, European Politics, Human Rights, Labor, Law and Society, Legal Mobilization, Public Law, Social Movements, International Law and Institutions
Jason Lambacher  Political Theory, Global Environmental Politics, Comparative Public Law

Xiao Ma

Comparative Politics, Political Economy of Development, Quantitative Methods, Authoritarian Insitutitons, Public Policy, China

Caterina Rost

American Political Development, American Politics, Political Methodology, Civic Engagement, Political Communication
Yu Sasaki Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Political Methodology, Ethnicity, Nationalism, State-building, Europe