Research - Dissertations


Title Adviser Related Fields
Stephan Hamberg. 2015. "Electoral Violence in New Democracies: Institutionalizing Peaceful Elections." Diss., U of Washington. Elizabeth Kier Comparative Politics, Violence and Trauma

Ketty Loeb. 2014. "China's New Social Governance." Diss., U of Washington.

East Asian, Comparative Politics

Annie Menzel. 2014. "The Political Life of Black Infant Mortality." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Minority and Race Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Health Policy, Children

Sooenn Park. 2014. "At Liberty and In Love." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Political Science

Allison Rank. 2014. "Bums, Revolutionaries, or Citizens? A Political History of Youth in Twentieth-Century America." Diss., U of Washington.

Mark A. Smith American Politics

Amanda Clayton (Dye). 2014. "Beyond Presence: Electoral Gender Quotas, Female Leadership, and Symbolic Representation." Diss., U of Washington.

Margaret Levi Gender, Women Studies, Political Science

Christopher Towler. 2014. "Reactionary or Traditional Conservatism? The Origins and Consequences of the Far Right Movement of the 1960s." Diss., U of Washington.

Christopher Sebastian Parker American Politics

Elizabeth Cooper. 2014. "Flaunting It: Examining Citizenship, Threat and Sexual Orientation in American Public Opinion." Diss., U of Washington.

American Politics, Sexuality

Lawrence Cushnie. 2014. "Dissent Through Destruction: American Political Activism and the Utilization of Property Disruption as Protest." Diss., U of Washington.

Jack Turner III American Politics

Angela Day. 2014. "When the Whistle Didn't Blow: The Politics of Organizational Dissent at the Hanford Nuclear Site." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann American Politics

Ann Frost. 2014. "The Politics of Punishment in the War on Drugs: Race and the Use of Racial Language in Drug Sentencing Policy Reform." Diss., U of Washington.

Minority and Race Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Crime and Criminality, American Politics

Benjamin Gonzalez. 2014. "The Undocumented Threat: Beliefs, Policy Preferences, and the Politics of Immigration." Diss., U of Washington.

Immigration, American Politics

Milli Lake. 2014. "External Actors and Building the Rule of Law: Institutional Responses to Mass Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann Comparative Politics, Africa, Violence and Trauma
Kirstine Taylor. "From Violence to Law-and-Order: The Making of Racial Innocence in Postwar America." Diss., U of Washington, 2014. Michael W. McCann, Jack Turner III American Political Development, American Politics, Minority and Race Politics

Marcela Garcia-Castanon. 2013. "Theory of Multi-Tiered Membership." Diss., U of Washington.

Political Theory

Sijeong Lim. 2013. "Modes of Social Policy in the Developing World." Diss., U of Washington.

Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics

Mary Anne Madeira. 2013. "The New Politics of the New Trade: the Political Economy of Intra-Industry Trade." Diss., U of Washington.

James A. Caporaso Political Economy

Rachel Sanders. 2013. "The Color of Fat: Racial Biopolitics of Obesity." Diss., U of Washington.

Jack Turner III Minority and Race Politics, Race and Ethnicity

Deepa Bhandaru. 2013. "Undermining Whiteness: Hannah Arendt’s Participatory Freedom and the Political Ethics of Antiracism." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Minority and Race Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Political Theory

James Chamberlain. 2013. "Work and Freedom in Contemporary Capitalism." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Labor

Joshua Eastin. 2013. "Violent Eruptions: Natural Disasters, War, and Peace." Diss., U of Washington.

Jonathan Mercer International Relations, Violence and Trauma
Jason Lambacher. "The Politics of the Extinction Predicment – Democracy, Futurity, and Responsibility." Diss., U of Washington, 2013. Christine DiStefano, Jamie Mayerfeld, Karen Litfin Comparative Law, Environmental Politics, Global Studies, Political Theory, Public Law

Shauna Fisher. 2012. "Issue Framing and Policy Argumentation: Recasting the Same-Sex Marriage Debate." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann Political Communication, Queer Studies, Civil Rights
Seth Greenfest. 2012. "Rules of Access: Congress, the Federal Courts, and Judicial Agenda-setting and Change." Dissertation, University of Washington. George Lovell Courts, Crime and Criminality

John C. Griswold. 2012. "Providing for the Common Defense: Strategic Agency Adaptation and the Politics of the National Guard." Diss., U of Washington.

Peter J. May International Security, American Politics