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Social Reproduction as Political Resistance:Case Studies from US Politics in an Age of Extraction

Reinke, Grace (2022). "Social Reproduction as Political Resistance: Case Studies from US Politics in an Age of Extraction"

This dissertation advances a novel theoretical framework that puts feminist theories of social reproduction into conversation with research on contemporary political economy and political resistance. I expand and universalize the logics of social reproduction so as to bring their political commitments out of the home and into the realm of deliberative public acts. Part I contains two central theoretical contributions. First I assert that distinctly public political actions take up the logic and commitments of social reproduction theory when they are (1) future-oriented (2) community-motivated, and (3) aimed at collective over individualized benefits for a given political community. While most of the existing literature on social reproduction takes the actions associated with biological or private reproduction as the central site for the enacting an ethics of care, I theorize a social reproductive politics that looks instead to the realm of formal political acts. Under this expanded schematic, actions that take place in the presence of others, outside the private realm of the household, and which are driven by motivations and processes not necessarily tied directly to human reproduction or regeneration, can just as easily advance a politics of care that seeks to improve or maintain the shared world of a political community....

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