Projected Undergraduate Courses

2018 Projected Political Science Courses

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Field Abbreviations 

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 SPRING 2018 PROJECTED COURSES (as of 11/2/17)

 # Abbrev. Title Instructor Field Requirements Fulfilled and Notes
201 INTRO POL THEORY  Turner   Introductory course.
W course.
202 INTRO TO AMER POL  Lemieux   Introductory course.
203 INTRO INTERNATL REL  Mercer   Introductory course.
204 INTRO TO COMPAR POL  Long   Introductory course.
212 PHIL OF FEMINISM Hellrung A Joint with GWSS/PHIL 206.
213 KOREA/WRLD POLITICS Ha B Joint with JSIS A 213.
306 MEDIA, SOC & POL ID Bennett D Joint with COM 306.
326 SCAND IN WORLD AFRS Ingebritsen C Joint with Scand 326.
PE elective.
"The Political Economy of Capitalism, Authoritarianism & Democracy"
Menaldo B PE elective.
340 POL INDIA PAKISTAN Kale B Joint with JSIS A 340.
353 US CONGRESS  Wilkerson D W Credit Optional.
363 LAW IN SOCIETY Lemieux D Joint with LSJ 363.
385 WORLD FOOD POLITICS Litfin C Joint with ENVIR 385.
Counts for NW requirement.
W course.
"Justice & Democracy"
Mayerfeld A Joint with LSJ 491.
W course.
Topic TBA
Bennett D Joint with Com 495.
407 INTERNATL CONFLICT Kier C IS required course.
419 US-CHINA RELATIONS Bachmen C IS elective.
425 POLITICL PSYCH & WAR Mercer C IS elective.
426 WORLD POLITICS Prakash C Joint with JSIS B 426.
IS elective.
W course.
430 CIVIL-MILI RELATION Kier C IS elective
435 GOVT & POL JAPAN R. Pekkanen B Joint with JSIS A 435
451 COM TECH & POLITICS Staff D Joint with Com 407
461 MASS MEDIA LAW Kielbowicz D Joint with Com 440
468 COMP MEDIA SYSTEMS Staff B Joint with Com 420, JSIS B 419
474 GOVT & THE ECONOMY Ainsley D PE elective.