Honors Program in Political Science

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Political Science Honors Program

The Political Science Honors Program gives students the opportunity to do advanced coursework in the discipline and write a thesis under the supervision of a member of the faculty.

Students completing this program will earn 'Honors in Political Science' at graduation.  Students who are in the University Honors Program as well as in the Political Science Honors Program will earn 'College Honors in Political Science' at graduation.

Honors Program Beginning Spring 2017

The 2017-18 Honors Program is a three to four quarter program that begins in spring 2017 and concludes in winter or spring 2018.  Applications will be due in winter 2017. 

2017-18 Eligibility Requirements

  • Major in Political Science
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3
  • Minimum Political Science major GPA of 3.5
  • Five courses in political science (may have four courses completed with the fifth in progress when applying to the program)
  • Completion of 90 credits minimum (i.e. junior standing) by the start of the program in spring quarter (sophomores may apply for their junior year; juniors apply for their senior year)

 2017-18 Program Requirements

  • Pol S 398, Honors Seminar (5 credits), taken in Spring 2017, minimum grade of 3.3. Counts toward major requirements.
  • Pol S 399, Honors Thesis Seminar (5 credits), taken in Autumn 2017, minimum grade of 3.3. Counts toward major requirements.
  • One additional 5-credit 400-level seminar chosen from the department list, minimum grade of 3.3. The 400-level seminar may be taken at any time but must be completed by spring 2018 (a seminar already completed or in progress may count toward this requirement). Counts toward major requirements.
  • Pol S 488, Honors Senior Thesis (5 credits), taken in winter 2018, minimum grade of 3.3. Thesis credits do not count toward the major, but they do count as writing credit.
  • Optional - Pol S 489, Honors Senior Thesis (2-5 credits), taken in spring 2018. Students may enroll in Pol S 489 if they and their thesis adviser feel that more work is necessary to complete the honor thesis. Registration in Pol S 489 is optional and not required for the program.
  • Additional group meetings in winter quarters may require enrollment in Pol S 499.

Thesis Requirement

Students write an honors thesis under the supervision of a faculty member in Political Science or an approved faculty member from another program plus a second reader. In winter quarter they register for Pol S 488, Honors Senior Thesis (5 credits), and must earn a grade of at least 3.3. If, after consulting with their thesis adviser, students need more time to complete the thesis, they may opt to enroll in Pol S 489 (2-5 credits) in spring quarter. While these courses do not count towards the political science major, they do count for writing credit. The thesis is completed after an oral defense and a bound copy is submitted to the department.