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Michael D. Ward
Former UW Political Science Prof. Michael Don Ward, 72, passed away peacefully and gracefully on Friday, July 9th. Prof. Ward was a renowned political scientist who leaves behind an enormous legacy. After a post-doctorate with Harold Guetzkow, he had a research appointment at Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin. On return to the States, Mike added teaching to his active research agenda, engaging students at the University of Colorado, the University of Washington, Pierre Mendès-France University, and finally Duke University. He published 12 books and more than 100 academic articles on an enormous... Read more
On Forbes web site, Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleague Prof. Nives Dolšak tell us why BlackRock's CEO Larry Fink is wrong to suggest an annual $100 million for developing countries to fight climate change. The professors think Fink is wrong for more than... Read more
A new study has documented the political leanings of states with differing policies of lifting COVID restrictions. The study, led by Political Science Prof. Christopher Adolph, considered five policies states eased and when. The analysis took into account factors such as infection rates, deaths, and political party of the govenors', and Trump share of votes from the state. "Public health indicators did play a role, the researchers point out, as states with better trends in epidemiological indicators could be expected to ease restrictions two weeks (an ... Read more
Event Flyer for A Climate Conversation with Seattle Mayoral Candidates
Between current and expected sea level rise, smoky summers and a record heat wave, we are seeing the consequences of climate change in Seattle. Our two mayoral candidates, Lorena Gonzalez and Bruce Harrell, have been invited to the University of Washington to participate in a timely virtual conversation about climate change policy, including adaption and mitigation strategies and the intersection of climate change and social justice.  RSVP: Please email Read more
The reappointment of Jerome Powell for another term as the Fed Chairman is very much in news.  One complaint his critics have is that Powell is insufficiently committed to "mainstreaming" climate issues in Fed decision making. Ph.D. candidate Sandra Ahmadi and Prof. Aseem Prakash published a commentary on "Climate Change and Price Stability Mandates at Central Banks" that examines this issues. It is true that central banks have not cohesively responded to the climate issue, with the U.S. Board of Governors of the Federal... Read more
Picture of Maha Alhomoud
This is an excerpt of "A subject to love, a determination to speak her truth" by Jenelle Birnbaum published June 11, 2021.Read the full article at The diagnosis came on her first day of fall quarter. Cancer. Maha Alhomoud, newly arrived from Saudi Arabia had two options: Return home for treatment or stay in Seattle, attend the University of Washington and receive cancer treatment in the... Read more
We the People Broken
Please join us on November 16th, 5:30pm - 7:00pm, for our Autumn Faculty Panel on the future of democracy, featuring our three Political Theorists. Can we build democracy in the face of multiple threats, old and new? Noga Rotem: Do Democracies Need Crowds? Reflections after January 6 Jack Turner: The Discipline of Democratic Citizenship (and the Dilemmas it Creates) Jamie Mayerfeld: Who Destroyed the Climate? Would Democracy Have Saved Us? (Questions from the Future) Moderated by Michael McCann Register at ... Read more
UW Quad
Summers can be difficult financially, especially for graduate students with 9-month funding. Some make it through the summer without support, while others seek temporary employment opportunities off-campus.  This past year, the department was able to help its students by creating research opportunities with its faculty. We invited faculty to submit requests for summer research assistance and then paired them with graduate students based on shared interests or research skills. This enabled the department to advance faculty research while helping to address a critical funding gap and therefore... Read more
Gowen Hall
The Department of Political Science has only been able to reach the heights it has and support its many students thanks to the faculty and staff that make up the department. This year, the department celebrates two of these influential members as they transition into retirement.  Susanne Recordon loves her job as the Graduate Program Assistant. Since 2002, she has enjoyed working with graduate students - from admissions to placement. Susanne had the pleasure of watching their research interests take shape and hear their fieldwork stories. What she will miss the most is interacting with the... Read more
W statue
Until this year, the department offered just two scholarship opportunities specifically targeting political science undergraduates. The Hugh A. Bone Scholarship recognizes the former professor and department chair who established the Washington Legislative Internship program in 1956. The endowment supports students pursuing internship opportunities and continues to receive contributions from Professor Bone’s former students. The Agnes C. Nelson Memorial Scholarship is offered to students majoring in Economics or Political Science and is intended to encourage the study of the intersection of... Read more