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Tuesday, October 22, 2019, 6:30–8:00pm, Gowen Hall, room 301 RSVP here Join two of America's top political consultants as they provide an insider’s view of the campaign tools, media strategies and momentum-building tactics that could tip the scales for who becomes our next President. At this point in time, few experts would wager on how the two chambers of Congress will lean when the elections are over.  Who’s winning at the top of the ticket will also help to determine the partisan control of many state legislatures, including Washington’s.... Read more
John Wilkerson, Department Chair
It is a pleasure to introduce Jake Grumbach, our newest faculty member, in this newsletter. Jake is already making a mark in the profession, having won two research awards at the most recent convention of the American Political Science Association. As an expert on State Politics, he also fills an important need in our undergraduate curriculum. He brings a lot of positive energy and I expect that he will be a very popular instructor. Welcome Jake! This newsletter also highlights a longtime member of our undergraduate advising staff, Mark Weitzenkamp. He is just one of several staff with... Read more
Last spring, out of curiosity, I searched the LinkedIn career website for people who included a degree in political science from the University of Washington on their profiles. It was really fun to explore what many graduates of the department are doing and how they got there. This search also got me thinking about the popular view that a liberal arts education may make for better citizens but is not a good career path. The profiles I viewed suggested that many of our graduates are doing very well professionally. And it turns out that... Read more
Monday, November 18, 2019, 6:00–8:00pm Walker Ames Room, Kane Hall Suzanne Mettler is the John L. Senior Professor of American Institutions at Cornell University. She conducts research and teaches on American politics and public policy. Abstract Is American democracy in peril today, endangered by deepening polarization and a president who flaunts democratic norms? Or is it secure, protected by the United States’ Constitution and its system of checks and balances, its long history of stability, and its progress in granting more inclusive and extensive rights over time? I will address this... Read more
Photo of Jake Grumbach
The process of hiring a new faculty member is lengthy and challenging. It starts about a year in advance.  After receiving authorization from the College of Arts and Sciences, our department advertises the position nationally and ultimately receives about 300 applications for a single position. Last fall we invited four of these 300 applicants to campus to present their research and to meet with faculty and students. About three months after the search began, Jacob (Jake) Grumbach accepted our offer to become an Assistant Professor starting this fall. Jake grew up in San Francisco. He... Read more
Books in Mark Weitzenkamp's Project
Mark Weitzenkamp has been a popular undergraduate adviser in our department since 2013. However, few of his students know that he holds a Ph.D. in Drama and is one of the world’s foremost experts on acting editions (inexpensive versions of plays printed mostly for use in theatres). This past spring Mark wrapped up an ambitious ten-year project.  Starting in the 1930s, the UW Drama Department’s first director, Glenn Hughes (famous for popularizing modern theatre in the round), acquired about 3,000 acting editions from the 19th century, but they had never been accurately and fully catalogued.... Read more
The Political Science Department is pleased to announce an Assistant Professor position in Political Theory and a Lecturer position, open now. For more details please link here.
Congratulations to UW Political Science's newest faculty, Prof. Jake Grumbach, who won two awards from The American Political Science Association for 2019. Award #1 The William Anderson prize is awarded annually for the best dissertation in the general field of federalism or intergovernmental relations, state and local politics. Award#2... Read more
Prof. Christopher Parker and colleague Rachel Blum in a Cambridge University Press paper, “Trump-ing Foreign Affairs: Status Threat and Foreign Policy Preferences on the Right,” ask some questions about why establishment Republican would support Trump's policies: President Trump is often at odds with the conservative establishment over a range of issues, not least of which is foreign policy. Yet it remains unclear whether supporting “Trumpism” is commensurate with coherent foreign policy views that are distinct from conventionally... Read more
In a lively Crosscut Talks, 2020 Visions: Presidential Election Predictions and Projections debate, Professor Christopher Parker lends his views. A few points made by Prof. Parker: -- Donald Trump will win re-election unless Democrats get their act together. -- Democrats need to be more pragmatic and less idealist in order to... Read more