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In an article published on The American Prospect website, UW Political Science Professor Christopher Parker addresses the question of whether Donald Trump's run for president is an opportunity for a more honest confrontation of race relations in the United States.  Drawing upon the rich history of American race relations, Prof. Parker argues that “Trump is advancing the national conversation about race in ways that may actually be good for the United States.” He points out,... Read more
Faculty Favorites   Lance Bennett (Professor of Political Science; Ruddick C. Lawrence Professor of Communication; Director, Center for Communication and Civic Engagement) I recommend Republic Lost by Lawrence Lessig. It is an accessible and insightful look at how money has corrupted American democracy and what we can do about it. As Lessig points out, simply inventing legal language to allow the tide of money to flood into our elections and policy processes does not make it acceptable. The Supreme Court can call money speech, or regard corporations as people, but the reality is a... Read more
Photo credit: Marc Nozell, 2008
In a recently published article on, UW Political Science Professor Christopher S. Parker explains “why President Obama will have the last laugh.” Prof. Parker argues that “the president and other progressives will continue to share bemused laughter at the expense of the Republican Party” long past this year’s White House correspondents’ dinner because by the end of January 2017, President Obama whose election has triggered a lot of “anxiety and anger,” which the “GOP harnessed […]... Read more
The Promise of Human Rights
International human rights law is often criticized as an infringement of constitutional democracy. In The Promise of Human Rights, Jamie Mayerfeld argues to the contrary that international human rights law provides a necessary extension of checks and balances and therefore completes the domestic constitutional order. In today's world, constitutional democracy is best understood as a cooperative project enlisting both domestic and international guardians to strengthen the protection of human rights. Reasons to support this... Read more
Erin Adam
Founded in 1881, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) created its American Fellowships program in 1888, which makes it the oldest non-institutional source of graduate funding for women in the United States. UW Political Science Ph.D. candidate Erin Adam received this year’s AAUW dissertation fellowship to complete her dissertation. In addition to finishing to write her dissertation, Adam plans on using the fellowship for conducting follow-up interviews and beginning the process of transforming her dissertation into a book manuscript. Adam’s... Read more
On April 22, 2016, UW Political Science Ph.D. Candidate and researcher at Norway’s Chr. Michelsen Institute Kendra Dupuy, UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and their colleague University of Minnesota Political Science Professor James Ron published an article discussing the governmental crackdown on NGOs on the independent global media platform In the article, they point out that “39 of the world’s 153 low and middle-income countries enacted restrictive laws on foreign funding to civil society organizations […] from 1993 to 2012.” To explain what... Read more
Christopher S. Parker Portrait
On April 28th, 2016, UW Political Science Professor Christopher S. Parker shared his thoughts on “why Donald Trump [becoming the GOP presidential nominee] could be good for America” with KUOW’s Bill Radke. After noting that Professor Parker predicted Trump’s rise early on while most commentators “were writing off Donald Trump as a joke,” Radke inquired why Parker believes that having Trump as the Republican presidential candidate could be a good thing for America. In his response, Prof. Parker elaborates on the history of racism and racial language in America and notes, “the bigotry with... Read more
Hind Ahmed Zaki
UW Political Science doctoral student Hind Ahmed Zaki recently published the article “Tunisia uncovered a history of state sexual violence. Can it do anything?” in the Washington Post. In the article, she discusses part of her dissertation work, which addresses sexual violence in Egypt and Tunisia as well as its politicization in the wake of the Arab spring. In particular, the article addresses the long history of “systemic sexual... Read more
Prof. Christopher Adolph on Q13 Fox Seattle's This Morning
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) recently published a massive leak of documents from the Panama law firm Mossack Fonseca, which according to ICIJ reports “helped establish secret shell companies and offshore accounts for global power players” (CNN). On April 7, 2016, UW Political Science Professor Christopher Adolph joined Bill Wixey, anchor of Q13 Fox Seattle’s This Morning, on the news show to discuss the political and... Read more
Crystal Pryor
University of Washington Political Science Ph.D. candidate Crystal Pryor has accepted a postdoctoral fellowship in the U.S.-Japan Program at the Weatherhead Center at Harvard University for 2016-2017. Pryor focuses on International Relations and Security Studies. Her dissertation is on strategic trade controls, for which she has conducted fieldwork in Japan, the United States, and Europe. From September 2015 to March 2016, Pryor was a resident fellow at Pacific Forum ... Read more