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A poll conducted by Washington Poll out of the University of Washington finds that views on the initiatives and candidates of the 2016 election vary based mostly on region and party affiliation. Interviewees of the Puget Sound region were consistently found to lean more liberal than their counterparts in other areas of Washington State.
What is the problem with blaming wars and natural disasters on global warming? UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and his colleague Nives Dolšak from the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs address this question in an article they wrote for the online magazine Slate. In the piece, they discuss several cases for which climate change has been brought up as a critical causal factor, such as the war in Syria, the Oso landslide in Washington state, and massive floods in Chennai, India. They conclude: “Climate change is real and will cause serious suffering, which is... Read more
Aseem Prakash
UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and his colleague Nives Dolšak from the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs recently authored a guest post for the blog Duck of Minerva. In the post, they address the question whether the media has “exaggerated the threat of Brexit to the British economy” given that “the British economy has not been punished for [its] Brexit” vote, which leads them to assess whether there has been a media bias in the reporting. To analyze the potential media bias, Prakash and Dolšak focused on 161 articles published in The New York Times... Read more
The Seattle Times recently published an article discussing the personal side of electoral politics exploring what happens when families and friends feud over this year’s choice for president—a choice that seems more polarizing than that in previous elections. Staff reporter Jessica Lee interviewed a pair of close friends, a husband and wife as well as a mother and son duo, who all struggle with their opposing viewpoints. She describes their experiences with that struggle and how it is impacting their personal relationships. To provide some scientific context, Lee interviewed UW... Read more
Book cover "Change they can't believe in"
In an article entitled “What to read on Trump(ism),” Huffington Post contributor Cas Mudde listed UW Political Science Professor Christopher S. Parker’s book Change They Can’t Believe In as one of the 14 key books to read to better understand “the rise of Donald Trump and Trumpism, i.e. his unique form of radical right politics.” Mudde, who is an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia, noted his criticism of U.S. political science “for being blind of the right eye” in an earlier article arguing:  [The] scholars of American politics have been ill-prepared for three... Read more
On Tuesday, September 27th, 2016, UW Political Science Professor Christopher S. Parker and Mark A. Smith joined author Rick Shenkman and UW History Professor Margaret O’Mara at the Seattle Town Hall to discuss the “2016 Election: How Did We Get Here?” The panelists identified anger, ignorance, and isolation as some of the causes for the current state of politics and specifically the spectacle that is this year’s presidential election campaign. Shenkman, who authored several books about politics including Just How Stupid Are We?... Read more
Prof. Christopher S. Parker and Enrique Cerna
Just days before the first presidential debate of this general election season, UW Political Science Professor Christopher S. Parker was interviewed by Enrique Cerna of KCTS 9. The two discussed Trump’s primary win and his chances for winning the presidency as well as previewed the first presidential debate. Professor Parker noted that there are three words that can explain Trump’s success: “Scared white people.” While acknowledging that this is an oversimplified version of the argument he is making in his research, Parker points out that “one cannot overestimate fear” and that there... Read more
UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash, his colleague Nives Dolsak from the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs, and Maggie Allen from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration contributed a guest article to The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. In the article, entitled “The big fight over the Dakota Access Pipeline,... Read more
Christopher Parker, Art Thiel with Enrique Cerna on KCTS9
On the September 16, 2016, episode of KCTS 9’s Conversations, UW Political Science Professor Christopher Parker discussed “Protest, Patriotism and Polarization” with host Enrique Cerna and sportswriter Art Thiel from San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s refusal to stand for the national anthem, which he did to protest racism and police brutality, provided the current occasion for the 30-minute segment. KCTS 9’s... Read more
Rebecca Thorpe
UW Political Science Professor Rebecca Thorpe was awarded this year’s Heinz Eulau prize for the best article published in the academic journal Perspectives on Politics in the past calendar year. The award is supported by Cambridge University Press. Professor Thorpe received the prize for her article ... Read more