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UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and two of his colleagues have been awarded the William E. Mosher and Frederick C. Mosher Award for their article "Regulation by Reputation: Monitoring and Sanctioning in Nonprofit Accountability Clubs." The award honors the best article published in Public Administration Review in the year 2016. Professor Prakash wrote the article with Georgia State University Assistant Professor and graduate of our department Joannie Tremblay-Boire and Professor Mary Kay Gugerty... Read more
In an article published on February 10, 2017The Seattle Times discussed the statement of concern regarding the current state of national politics and the climate at the University of Washington, which was written by several members of the Political Science Department. The Seattle Times higher education reporter Katherine Long interviewed... Read more
KUOW interviewed UW Political Science Professors Mark A. Smith and Rebecca Thorpe about President Trump’s Twitter attack on the Seattle-based retailer Nordstrom. In their interviews with KUOW’s John Ryan and Kim Malcolm, Smith and Thorpe addressed this potential abuse of power. Smith “called it the definition of nepotism and corruption of the highest order” noting that “this is something that’s totally new for our country”: “This is the way politics works in a lot of countries. People fight for political office; they then use it to benefit themselves and their family members. There's a real... Read more
Gowen Hall
A group of faculty and graduate students in the Department of Political Science produced the following Open Letter expressing concern about recent developments in national politics and their impact on the University of Washington and members of the department.      February 7, 2017 An Open Letter to the UW Community from Concerned Political Scientists* We write as professional political scientists who feel compelled to speak out about troubling developments in national politics and their effects on our local... Read more
Pol S 405 flier
MW 12:30-2:20Instructor: John Wilkerson This course is for 1) political science majors or minors with demonstrated quantitative or computational interests, and 2) STEM majors who have an interest in political science and public policy.Here’s your chance to showcase those skills by applying them to a politics or policy-related topic! Each student (or student team) will design and complete an independent project addressing an important contemporary public policy issue. The end product is a research paper or application such as: A recent poorly designed (but well publicized) study concluded... Read more
UW Political Science PhD candidate Emily Kalah Gade wrote an article addressing the chances of the Women’s March becoming a serious social movement for the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog. Gade lists and discusses five reasons for why “the Women’s March may succeed as a movement where others have failed”: This march drew support from many different corners of society. The march was successfully nonviolent. The U.S.... Read more
In an article they penned for the website The Conversation, UW Political Science Professor Aseem Prakash and his colleague Nives Dolsak from the UW School of Marine and Environmental Affairs address the question whether it is “possible to reduce carbon emissions without hurting economic growth and destroying jobs.” Addressing the anti-regulatory stance of the current Congress and White House, Prakash and Dolsak detail the arguments of both the... Read more
Chris Parker
Ian Masters interviewed UW Political Science Professor Christopher S. Parker for his radio program “Background Briefing with Ian Masters” on KPFK-FM Los Angeles. On the January 16, 2017, Background Briefing Masters discussed “A Congressman Who is Boycotting Trump’s Inauguration; Trump’s Public Feud with Congressman Lewis; & Race Relations in a Trump Administration” with his expert guests. Professor Parker responded to African-American celebrities, like... Read more
The 2017 seminar on race and capitalism will focus on Brazil, the Philippines, South Africa, and the United States
By Jonathan Hiskes  The complex interplay of race and capitalism—around the world and across centuries—will be the focus of a year-long investigation by University of Washington scholars, thanks to a $175,000 grant from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to the Washington Institute for the Study of Inequality & Race (WISIR). The Simpson Center for the Humanities provides additional support. The Mellon award, for a John E. Sawyer Seminar on the Comparative Study of Cultures, allows a group of more than fifteen faculty and graduate students to spend 2017-2018 immersed in regular... Read more
Emma Green cites UW Political Science Professor Karen Litfin in her article, "Seeking an Escape From Trump’s America." In this article Ms. Green discusses "intentional communities" as a way of responding to "immense global challenges." Intentional communities can also be described as income-sharing communities or communes.