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Chelsea Moore in The New York Times: Grateful for Wedding in Prison Oct 27, 2020
Profs. Christopher Adolph and Emerita Margaret Levi on Folio Seattle: Election 2020 - The Economy As An Election Issue Oct 20, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash on Forbes, "Will the Biden Administration Transform U.S. Climate Policy?" Oct 20, 2020
Prof. Victor Menaldo on Areo: "Liberalism and the Threats It Faces" Oct 14, 2020
Prof. James Long in UW News: "‘Neither Free Nor Fair’: New UW podcast takes on election security in the US and abroad" Oct 14, 2020
Political Science Lecturers in the news: Mixing politics & Friendship Oct 14, 2020
UW Political Economy Word Storm Political Economy Forum: Neither Free Nor Fair? #3: “Presidential Debates--Special Crossover Episode!” Oct 8, 2020
Polisci Profs. in UW The Daily, "States with Republican governors implemented mask mandates nearly a month slower, UW study finds " Oct 5, 2020
"Wear a Mask. If Only It Were That Simple.": Political Science Research Highlighted in Kaiser Health News Oct 5, 2020
UW political scientist Megan Ming Francis named one of 12 grant-supported ‘Freedom Scholars’ for work on economic and social equity Sep 25, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash on Forbes, "Republicans Embrace Local Environmental Issues In Competitive Races" Sep 25, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash on Forbes, "West Coast Wildfires Reveal Massive Governance Failures" Sep 15, 2020
Prof. Lance Bennett in The Boston Globe, "Russia’s not so little election helpers" Sep 14, 2020
Profs. Christopher Adolph and Jake Grumbach in the UW News: Vote by Mail and Mask Mandates Sep 4, 2020
Prof. Christopher Adolph in The Washington Post, "Governor’s political party is biggest factor in whether a state has imposed mask mandate, study finds" Sep 4, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash on Forbes, "National Parks And Pebble Mine Reveal The Influence Of Competitive Elections And Conservative Celebrities" Sep 1, 2020
UW Political Economy New UW Political Economy Forum Podcast Episode - Is Cancel Culture Threatening Free Speech? Sep 1, 2020
State voting laws differ. Are you ready to vote? Sep 1, 2020
UW Political Science in the News Aug 27, 2020
Election 2020 Election 2020: A Turning Point? Aug 27, 2020
Jerome Kohl Coda: Jerome Kohl Aug 27, 2020
John Wilkerson Letter From The Chair Aug 27, 2020
Distinguished Professors Lance Bennett and Jim Caporaso Announce Retirements Aug 27, 2020
Noga Rotem New Faculty: Dr. Noga Rotem Aug 26, 2020
KGMI Radio Interview with Prof. Victor Menaldo: Free Speech, Cancel Culture, and Liberal Democracy Aug 19, 2020


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