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Megan Ming Francis UW political scientist Megan Ming Francis named fellow with NAACP’s Thurgood Marshall Institute Mar 9, 2018
Prof. Christopher Parker at Town Hall Seattle with Arlie Russell Hochschild on her book, "Strangers in Their Own Land" Feb 28, 2018
Victor Menaldo Prof. Victor Menaldo: How flawed constitutions undermine democracy Feb 26, 2018
Polisci Lecturer Scott Lemieux: The GOP Is Scared of a Fair Fight Feb 26, 2018
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog, "The Oxfam scandal shows that, yes, nonprofits can behave badly. So why aren’t they overseen like for-profits?" Feb 23, 2018
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Hill web site, "The key to a successful carbon tax is how you spend the money" Feb 23, 2018
Anthony Gill: How do The Principles of Economics Interact with Religion Feb 21, 2018
Prof. Aseem Prakash in The Washington Post's Monkey Cage blog, "Why is India ‘missing’ 63 million women — even though development is roaring?" Feb 13, 2018
Prof. John Wilkerson in The Washington Post Magazine, "Can big data predict which bills will pass Congress?" Feb 8, 2018
David Owens and his students celebrate outside the courthouse after wrongfully convicted Patrick Prince was exonerated. Justice for the Wrongfully Convicted Jan 31, 2018
Bronze W Photo Three UW Political Science Ph.D. Grads Get Top Jobs Jan 29, 2018
Prof. Wilkerson and Grad Andreu Casas quoted in The Washington Post, "Congress can easily avoid shutdowns. Here’s why it doesn’t" Jan 22, 2018
ASUW Lobby Day Jan 19, 2018
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Hill web site, “EPA's Pruitt: Bring back 'true environmentalism'” Jan 19, 2018
Megan Francis Faculty Friday: Megan Ming Francis Jan 12, 2018
Lecturer Scott Lemieux in The Los Angeles Times op-ed, “Remember, much of what Trump does can be undone” Jan 2, 2018
Prof. Christopher Parker in The Hill, "A perceived threat could be the key to the black vote in 2018" Dec 19, 2017
Prof. Christopher Parker leads a Study Abroad Program in Berlin, Germany, Summer 2018 Dec 14, 2017
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Huffington Post site, "Amazon HQ2 In The Time Of Climate Change" Dec 6, 2017
Professor Geoffrey Wallace 2017 Fall Faculty Panel - The Politics of Terror and Terrorism Nov 28, 2017
Prof. Anthony Gill on the EconTalk podcast with Russ Roberts, "Why Does Tipping Persist?" Nov 21, 2017
Christopher Parker Prof. Christopher Parker interview on WFHB and Public Radio Exchange (PRX), "The Same Old Hate: The Reactionary Right Rides Again" Nov 15, 2017
Prof. Scott Lemieux Op-Ed in The Los Angeles Times, "What a surprise: another tax plan to help the super rich" Nov 14, 2017
Prof. Aseem Prakash In The Washington Post Monkey Cage blog, "Delhi is blanketed with toxic smog. This is why" Nov 14, 2017
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Conversation web site, "How donors can help make nonprofits more accountable" Nov 3, 2017


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