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Spring 2020 Political Science Graduate Student Hiring Announcements

Spring 2020 Reader Positions
Application Deadline: ASAP
Political Science expects to hire readers for the following spring classes:

Course Instructor Contact Information Maximum
# of Hours

Pol S 303, Public Policy Formation in the United States

Laura Evans

Total hours: 64
Pay: $1,225.60 

Pol S 319, American Political Thought from Reconstruction to the Present

Chip Turner

Total hours: 64
Pay: $1,225,.60

Typical reader duties include assisting with the grading of exams and papers according to direction, proctoring exams, and submitting grades as instructed and by deadlines established by the instructor.

Readers will be paid $19.15  per hour to the maximum noted for each listed course. Hours are entered weekly and paid out at each pay period. The faculty supervisor approves submitted hours, and the department monitors for the maximum hours approved.

To apply for a reader position, email the instructor with your qualifications (related coursework, previous grading experience, other background, etc.) to be a reader. Applicants will be notified of hiring decisions when they have been approved.

Note: International students on an F-1 visa who are employed as Academic Student Employees (research assistants, teaching assistants, staff assistants), can be hired as readers if they apply for and receive Curricular Practical Training (CPT) authorization from the International Student Services Office. International students who hold fellowships may not need CPT authorization but should verify with Ann Buscherfeld.