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Transfer Students

Political Science is an excellent major for students wishing to transfer to the University of Washington.  On this page are common questions and answers for students wishing to transfer.

Question: When can I apply to the major?

Answer: Transfer students can apply to the major after they have been admitted to UW. These courses may be completed at your current school or may be completed shortly after starting at UW. See Applying to the Political Science Major for additional details.

Question: What are the prerequisites for declaring the Political Science Major?

Answer: Prerequisites to declare the major are:

  1. completion of three introductory level Political Science courses with minimum grades of 2.0 in each course; and  
  2. minimum 2.0 overall GPA (can be your transfer GPA)

Choose introductory courses from this list:

  • POL S 101, Introduction to Politics
  • POL S 201, Introduction to Political Theory
  • POL S 202, Introduction to American Politics
  • POL S 203, Introduction to International Relations
  • POL S 204, Introduction to Comparative Politics

Question: How will courses from other institutions transfer to UW?

Answer: The UW Admission Office has a Transfer Equivalency Guide that lists how classes from Washington State community and technical colleges will be evaluated when you apply for admission.  If you are transferring from a school out-of-state or another 4-year school, read through the UW Admission Office’s Transfer Credit Policies.  The Transfer Credit Policies page is also useful for seeing what types of courses are not allowed for credit. 

Since the UW Admission Office has to deal with a huge number of applicants, they cannot officially evaluate your credits until after you are admitted to the university.  The academic advisers in the Political Science department cannot tell you definitively how your classes will count at UW until after the UW Admission Office has evaluated them at your admittance to the university.  

Question: Do you accept students transferring from universities outside of the United States?

Answer: Yes, students can start their degrees at institutions outside of the United States and then transfer their study in political science towards the major at UW. If you are an international student, read the UW Admissions International Students webpage.

Question: What kinds of preparation do I need in order to have the best experience as a UW Political Science student?

Answer: Students wanting to major in Political Science should be prepared to read deeply and write clearly and concisely. We encourage coursework in multiple areas that will help you develop these skills Even though many of the topics discussed in classes deal with current and timely events, a knowledge of history is very helpful. Some familiarity with world history is particularly helpful when studying international relations and comparative politics.

Question: Can I get in touch with a Political Science adviser before transferring?

Answer: Certainly!  Go to our Advising webpage for contact information. We look forward to talking with you!         

Question: I am an adviser at another school and our students have questions about your program. Who can we talk to?

Answer: Please contact any of the Political Science advisers. We are glad to answer questions from you and prospective students.

Question: I am interested in applying for the Political Science Honors Program. What do I need to do to be eligible?

Answer: Applications for the Political Science Honors Program are due during winter quarter and the program begins in spring. To apply as a transfer student, you must matriculate to UW in summer or autumn, declare the major by winter, and take at least two Pol S courses at UW numbered 210 or above with no more than one course in progress in winter. For more information, see the Political Science Honors Program webpage. 

Question: Are there other resources to help prepare for transfer?

Answer: The Undergraduate Academic Affairs Advising Office offers Transfer Thursday every Thursday afternoon except for holidays. The Admission for Transfer Students Information Session covers the basics for how to apply and how applications will be evaluated for admission and Political Science Advising hosts transfer drop-in hours. In addition, see the UW Admissions Office visit website for information about campus tours, visiting a class, and exploring the U-District.