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Graduate Student Guide: Student Advising

The Graduate Program Coordinator (GPC) advises students about courses, and all other graduate program requirements. All incoming students have the option to meet with the GPC for assistance in planning their schedules. In addition, graduate students are encouraged to meet with the GPC if they are having problems in the program or need information about degree requirements. The GPC reviews the overall use of POL S 600 forms, and Course Substitution Requests, and approves On-Leave Petitions.

Field Coordinators are responsible for all Core Field and Specialized Field curriculum issues. 

Committee Field Supervisors are faculty on student committees representing one of the students' three fields. 

The Graduate Program Assistant (GPA) is primarily available for non-academic advising. The GPA is available to help students understand and adhere to the deadlines and degree requirements of the department and the Graduate School. Students should contact the GPA when they are ready to establish supervisory committees, register for independent study courses (597, 598, 600, 800), or schedule exams for advancement within the program.