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Graduate Student Guide: Continuous Enrollment Status/Registration

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Graduate courses are numbered 500 through 800. Approved 400-level courses are accepted as part of graduate coursework in major as well as supporting fields. Graduate students must be registered full-time (10) credits each quarter (except summer) if they have a Graduate Student Appointment (GSA) as a TA, RA or Student Adviser. Students are encouraged to meet with the Graduate Coordinator or their supervisory committee chair prior to each academic year to determine a course of study for that year, and to monitor progress in the program.

On-Leave Status

Students not in residence (not registered for one or more quarters, excluding summer) must apply for on-leave status from the University or they will be processed by the Registration Office as having resigned from the university. The Graduate Program Coordinator shall approve the student's request for on-leave status. Approval of on-leave status will not normally be given to students who are beyond the time limit set for completion of the MA or PhD, are not making satisfactory progress, or are not in good standing in the program . Students with on-leave status who wish to re-enroll must e-mail the Graduate Program Assistant, and register before the deadline specified for the particular quarter for which the student seeks to register. The on-leave petition is available electronically on the Graduate School web site. The quarter deadlines are found in the academic calendar available from the Registrar's web site.

Continuous Enrollment Status

In order to be eligible to register, a student must maintain continuous graduate student enrollment status; this is accomplished by being enrolled for regular academic quarters or officially on-leave for any regular academic quarter. All graduate students are automatically placed on-leave in the summer if they were registered spring quarter. Failure to register or go on-leave officially the following quarter will constitute evidence that you have resigned from the Graduate School . If you do not maintain continuous enrollment status, you will have to re-apply to the Graduate School and pay application fees and in some cases late-registration fees.