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International Relations General Field

Courses used to satisfy requirements in other fields may not be used to satisfy International Relations requirements. Completion of at least four courses in the field of International Relations as follows:

Requirements for the MA

    1. POLS 521 International Relations Core (5 credits)
    2. POLS 522 International Political Economy (5 credits)   
    3. POLS 524 International Security (5 credits)

Requirements for the PhD

    4. One additional courses drawn from the course list below or a course approved by petition.

International Relations Course List

        POLS 525 International Law and Institutions (5 credits)
        POLS 527 Special Topics in International Relations Research (5 credits, max. 15)

Comprehensive Field Exam Structure:

More information on the comprehensive exams in general.

Closed book collective exam – schedule each exam during the week of the quarter to which the field has been assigned below. Reach out ASAP if the assigned week will not work for whatever reason.

Week 5 - CP exam 
Week 7 - PE exam 
Week 8 - IR exam 

Oral exams take place during weeks 9 and 10 of the quarter. Reach out to your committee to schedule the exam.

Week 9 - Oral exam 
Week 10 – Oral exam