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International Relations General Field

These are minimum requirements. Additional courses may be desirable and are up to the supervising committee to designate. Courses used to satisfy requirements in other fields may not be used to satisfy International Relations requirements.

Requirements for the PhD

Completion of at least five courses distributed as follows:

    A. Pol S 521         International Relations Core (5 credits)

    B. Additional Required Courses:
        Pol S 522         International Political Economy (5 credits)
        Pol S 524         International Security (5 credits)

    C. Two additional courses drawn from the course list below or a course approved by petition.

    D. Completion of three courses, including the Core Course, is the requirement before the defense of the Masters Essay of Distinction.

International Relations Course List

        Pol S 525 International Law—Policy (5 credits)
        Pol S 527 Special Topics in International Relations Research (5 credits, max. 15)