Race, Ethnicity, and Politics - Specialized Field

Requirements for the Ph.D.

Minimum preparation requires the successful completion of at least four seminars. Courses used to satisfy requirements in other fields may not be used to satisfy Minority and Race Politics requirements.

Requirements are distributed as follows:

A. Four seminars total. Two seminars must be completed before the defense of the Masters Essay of Distinction.

B. At least one seminar from the Division A list and at least one seminar from the Division B list.
Students may petition other courses to fulfill the requirements.

Race, Ethnicity, and Politics Course Lists

1. Division A: Race Theory (at least one course)

Pol S 570
The American Racial State (5 credits)
Pol S
Critical Race Theory (5 credits)
Pol S
African American Political Thought (5)
Pol S
Race and Social Construction of American Citizenship (5 credits)

2. Division B: Minority Group Politics (at least one course)

Pol S
Urban and Regional Politics (5 credits)
Pol S Minority Political Behavior and Electoral Politics (5 credits)
Pol S 555 Race and Racism in Contemporary Politics
Pol S 555 The Politics of Immigration (5 credits)