Political Economy - Specialized Field

These are minimum requirements. Additional courses may be desirable and are up to the supervising committee to designate. Students are strongly advised to work closely with the examining faculty member to determine the appropriate coursework for the type of political economy on which they are concentrating. All students in this field should have or acquire a working knowledge of micro-economic theory.

Requirements for the PhD

Completion of at least five courses as follows:

A. Political Economy Required Foundation Courses

  • Pol S 583 Economic Theories of Politics (5 credits)
  • Pol S 522 International Political Economy (5 credits)
  • Pol S 584 Comparative Political Economy (5 Credits)

B. Two additional courses from the specialized seminars list OR one specialized seminar and one course which has been approved by petition.

C. Completion of three courses is the minimum requirement before the defense of the Masters Essay of Distinction. These may include: Two Foundation courses and one specialized seminar OR one Foundation course and two specialized seminars.

Specialized Course List

  • Pol S 582 Institutional Analysis (5 credits)
  • Pol S 586 Topics in International Political Economy (5, max 10)
  • Pol S 588 Special Topics in Comparative Political Economy (5, max 10 credits)
  • Pol S 589 Special Topics in Political Economy (3-5, max 10 credits)

Possible Alternate Course List

  • Econ 403 The Economics of Property Rights (5 credits)
  • Pol S 409 Undergraduate Seminar in Political Economy (5 credits)
  • Pol S 447 Comparative Politics Seminar (5 credits)