Public Law - Specialized Field

These are minimum requirements. Additional courses may be desirable and are up to the supervising committee to designate. In consultation with a faculty advisor, students may substitute a relevant course in the Law School, Anthropology, Sociology, or other disciplines for one of the department courses. Courses used to satisfy requirements in other fields may not be used to satisfy Public Law requirements.

Requirements for the PhD.

Completion of at least three courses, distributed as follows:

A. Pol S 561 Law and Politics (5 credits).

B. One course selected from the Public Law list.

C. Completion of A & B are required before the defense of the Masters Essay of Distinction.

D. One additional course from the Public Law list.

Note: The comprehensive written examination will be based on, but will extend beyond, the specific courses listed above. Specifically, students will be examined in Constitutional Law and Judicial Process and may choose to be examined in such areas of special interest as criminal justice, bureaucratic justice, legal theory, etc.

Public Law Course List

Pol S 562 Law, Politics, and Social Control (5 credits)
Pol S 563 Supreme Court in American Politics (5 credits)
Pol S 564 Law and the Politics of Social Change (5 credits)
Pol S 566 Problems in Comparative Legal Institutions (3 credits)