Comparative Politics General Field

These are minimum requirements. Additional courses may be desirable and are up to the supervising committee to designate. Courses used to satisfy requirements in other fields may not be used to satisfy Comparative Politics requirements. Students taking Comparative Politics as a field should not elect Political Economy as another field.

Requirements for the PhD

Completion of at least five courses in the field of comparative politics as follows:

A. Pol S 505 Comparative Politics Core Course (5 credits).

B. One or more of the following:

   Pol S 582 Institutional Analysis (3-5 credits)

   Pol S 583 Economic Theories of Politics (5 credits)

   Pol S 584 Comparative Political Economy (5 credits)

C. One or more of the following:

   Pol S 532 Chinese Politics (5 credits)

   Pol S 538 Government and Politics in the Middle East and North Africa (5 credits)

   Pol S 544 Problems in Comparative Government: African Political Development (5 credits)

   Pol S 550 American Politics Core (5 credits)

D. Two courses may be drawn from the course list below or a course approved by petition.

E. Completion of three courses, including the Core Course, is the requirement before the defense of the Masters Essay of Distinction.

Comparative Politics Course List

Pol S 542/SIS 542 Seminar in State and Society (5 credits)
Pol S 566 Comparative Law and Courts (5 credits)
Pol S 588 Special Topics in Comparative Political Economy (5 credits)
Pol S 589 Special Topics in Political Economy (5 credits)