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American Politics General Field

Courses used to satisfy requirements in other fields may not be used to satisfy American Politics requirements. Completion of at least four courses in the field of American politics as follows:

Requirements for the MA

  1. Pol S 550 American Politics Core Course (5 credits)
  2. At least two courses from the American Politics Course lists.

Requirements for the Ph.D.

3. Complete one additional courses from the American Politics Course lists.

American Politics Course List

POLS 551/Com 551 Political Communication (5 credits)
POLS 553 Public Opinion (5 credits)
POLS 554 Legislative Politics (5 credits)
POLS 555 American Politics Topics: American Political Developments (5)
POLS 561 Law and Politics (5 credits)
POLS 562 Law, Politics, and Social Control (5 credits)
POLS 563 Supreme Court in American Law (5 credits)
POLS 564 Law and the Politics of Social Change (5 credits)
POLS 571 American National Institutions (5 credits)
POLS 573 Topics in Public Policy ((5 credits, max 10 credits))
POLS 574 Environmental Regulation Policy (5 credits)
POLS 575 Public Policy Processes (5 credits)
POLS 577 The Politics of Social Movements (5 credits)
POLS 578 Health Politics and Policy (5 credits)
POLS 587 Politics of Urban Reform (5 credits)
POLS 590 Seminar in Political Behavior (5 credits, max 10 credits)

Comprehensive Field Exam Structure:

More information on the comprehensive exams in general.

Individualized exam – write to the field coordinator and GPA to schedule. The exam may take place during weeks 1 through 8 of the quarter.

Oral exams take place during weeks 9 and 10 of the quarter. Reach out to your committee to schedule the exam.

Week 9 - Oral exam 
Week 10 – Oral exam