Political Methodology - Specialized Field

These are minimum requirements. Additional courses may be desirable and are up to the supervising committee to designate.

Requirements for the PhD.

Completion of at least eight courses. The Methodology field does not have a comprehensive examination. Students must earn a grade of 3.3 or above in all courses counting toward the requirements.

A. Four Required Courses:
Pol S 500       Political Research Design and Analysis (5 credits)
Pol S 501       Advanced Political Research Design and Analysis (5 credits)
Pol S 503       Advanced Quantitative Political Methodology (5 credits)
One Course from a list of Qualitative and Mixed-Method Courses
B. Completion of A (four courses) is required before the defense of the Masters Essay of Distinction.

C. Four additional courses from the Political Methodology list.

Qualitative and Mixed-Method List

These courses have been approved and new courses may be added. Additions must be approved by the Graduate Program Coordinator and the Methods Field Coordinator. If you wish to approve a course not currently on the list please apply before the relevant quarter begins and before you register for the course.

  • Soc 555 Methods in Macro, Comparative, and Historical Sociology
  • Pol S 502 Qualitative Research Methods (5 credits)
  • Pol S 504 Multi-Method Field Research
  • Geog 525 Advanced Qualitative Methods in Geography
  • Com 511 Content Analysis
  • Com 513 Fieldwork Research Methods
  • Com 518 Cultural Studies Methods
  • Com 519 Visual Cultural Studies Methods
  • Com 528 Designing Internet Resesarch
  • GWSS 503 Feminist Research and Methods of Inquiry

Political Methodology List

Any 500-level class taught through the Center for Statistics and the Social Sciences (with the exception of CS&SS 590) as well as the Economics and Sociology classes listed below. Additional courses will be approved on an ad hoc basis. Submit a petition for course review – course description and syllabus, if available – to the Political Methodology Field Coordinator. The course will be evaluated for inclusion in the Political Methodology Course List. In cases where the course is applicable to the student but not to the program in general, the course will be approved only for the student who submitted the petition. Courses offered through the Department of Statistics will typically be approved.

  • CS&SS 536 Log-Linear Modeling and Logistic Regression for the Social Sciences
  • CS&SS 560 Hierarchical Modeling for the Social Sciences
  • CS&SS 564 Bayesian Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • CS&SS 565 Inequality: Current Trends and Explanations
  • CS&SS 566 Causal Modeling
  • CS&SS 567 Statistical Analysis of Social Networks
  • CS&SS 594 Special Topics in Social Science and Statistics
  • CS&SS 600 Independent Study or Research
  • SOC 525-529 (Courses in the Sociological Methods Sequence)
  • ECON 516 Introduction to Noncooperative Game Theory
  • ECON 580-585 (Courses in the Econometrics Sequence)