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Prof. Aseem Prakash in The Regulatory Review, "Rural Backlash Could Impede Climate Ambition"

Submitted by Junhee Park on January 22, 2024 - 12:38pm

Prof. Aseem Prakash and colleagues, Nives Dolšak and Inhwan Ko writes that rural backlash could impede climate ambition in The Regulatory Review.

The article highlights challenges in achieving the goal of tripling renewable energy capacity due to rural opposition. About 24% of U.S. counties have restricted renewable facilities, reflecting global resistance. Despite the UN Climate Change Conference's call to triple renewable capacity by 2030, it's not mandatory, posing challenges like grid issues and local resistance. Rural areas perceive costs while urban areas benefit. Restrictions on wind projects are driven by concerns for rural aesthetics. The article warns against assuming domestic consensus based on international agreements, citing uncertainties in the Biden Administration's approach amid upcoming elections.

"In sum, the goal of tripling renewable energy capacity faces several challenges. The less-appreciated issue is the urban-rural divide on climate policy, which could pose problems for siting these facilities."

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