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Christopher Parker at Town Hall Seattle Gaslighting: A Threat to Democracy? Professor Christopher Parker & Colleagues at Town Hall Seattle Discussion  Mar 10, 2017
The Impact of Exports to China on African Labor Rights: Adolph, Quince & Prakash on The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog Mar 8, 2017
The Challenges of Political Consumerism: Prof. Prakash & Colleague on The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage Blog Mar 7, 2017
Sexual Violence Discussion & Trump Protests: PhD Candidate Emily Gade Co-authors Huffington Post article  Mar 6, 2017
Megan Ming Francis at "Black Politics in Trump's America" discussion - New America, CSPAN ‘Black Political Influence’ under Trump: Professor Megan Francis on Panel Discussion broadcasted on C-SPAN Feb 27, 2017
Professor Mark Smith wins book award for ‘Secular Faith’ Feb 27, 2017
Congressional Redistricting & Responsiveness to Constituents: Professor Mark Smith Discusses the Case of Representative Reichert on Crosscut Feb 23, 2017
Professor Aseem Prakash and Colleagues win William E. Mosher and Frederick C. Mosher Award Feb 17, 2017
The Seattle Times discusses Open Letter by Members of the Department Feb 15, 2017
A new form of corruption: Professors Smith & Thorpe address Trumpʼs Nordstrom Tweets on KUOW Feb 13, 2017
Is Trump Mania Responsible for the Online Harassment Campaign Against Three University of Washington Teachers? Feb 9, 2017
Gowen Hall Political scientists produce statement of concern regarding national politics and climate at UW Feb 8, 2017
Pol S 405 flier New Course! Spring 2017 - POLS 405B Advanced Research: Data Science and Politics Feb 3, 2017
The Women’s March a Social Movement? PhD Candidate Emily Kalah Gade in The Washington Post’s Monkey Cage Jan 31, 2017
Proposing a Carbon Consumption Tax: Professor Prakash & Colleague on The Conversation Jan 31, 2017
Opinion | Why the Women's March may be the start of a serious social movement Jan 30, 2017
Social media-powered 'Berniecrats' try to move the party left Jan 24, 2017
Chris Parker Trump & Racism: Professor Parker Interview on Ian Masters Background Briefing Jan 19, 2017
The 2017 seminar on race and capitalism will focus on Brazil, the Philippines, South Africa, and the United States Race and Capitalism Receive Year-Long Investigation through $175,000 Sawyer Seminar Grant Jan 18, 2017
How anarchists and 'intentional communities' are reacting to Trump Jan 15, 2017
Prof. Karen Litfin quoted in Atlantic article on Intentional Communities Jan 15, 2017
Donald Trump is trying his hardest to distract us and we must not let him Jan 12, 2017
President Obama's farewell address Jan 11, 2017
Mark Smith Professor Smith on King 5 discussing Pres Obama's Speech Jan 11, 2017
The Atlantic Cover - My President Was Black The Atlantic’s Ta-Nehisi Coates Cites Professor Christopher Parker’s Research Jan 3, 2017


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