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Prof. Prakash and Colleague in Slate: The Dakota Pipeline Protests Should Think Big Nov 4, 2016
PubPol 201 New Undergraduate Course in Public Policy (PUBPOL 201) Nov 3, 2016
Christopher Parker Why Trump's Still Here Nov 2, 2016
US Capitol Building The 2016 Election: What Now? Nov 2, 2016
Mikayla Hall This Speechwriter's Place is in the House Nov 2, 2016
Amazon gets an 'F' from the Carbon Disclosure Project Nov 2, 2016
‘The Upside of Ignoring Climate Change’: Professor Aseem Prakash & Colleague in Slate Magazine  Oct 31, 2016
Voting has gone tribal: Professor Christopher Parker in The Seattle Times Oct 31, 2016
Racial violence and injustice is 'not just a few bad apples' Oct 31, 2016
Professor Christopher Parker with Enrique Cerna A State Divided: Washington Poll Results Discussed on KCTS 9 Oct 27, 2016
Megan Ming Francis on Democracy Now! Discussing the Final Presidential Debate Professor Megan Ming Francis Discusses 3rd Presidential Debate on Democracy Now! Oct 26, 2016
Climate Change Scapegoat: Professor Prakash & Colleague Author Article for Slate Oct 24, 2016
Trump support during presidential debates bolstered by social media bots, research claims Oct 20, 2016
Aseem Prakash Professor Aseem Prakash & Colleague on Media Coverage of Brexit Vote Oct 11, 2016
We asked, you answered: The presidential election is taking a toll on relationships Oct 10, 2016
Left pressures Clinton for position on pipeline Oct 10, 2016
Family Strain over Trump vs. Clinton: Professor Mark A. Smith cited in Seattle Times  Oct 6, 2016
Book cover "Change they can't believe in" The Huffington Post Lists Professor Christopher Parker’s book to understand ‘Trump(ism)’ Oct 5, 2016
When politics get personal: Families, friends feud over Clinton vs. Trump Oct 3, 2016
Our political divide makes dialogue crucial, but difficult Sep 30, 2016
Professors Parker & Smith Discuss the 2016 Election at Seattle Town Hall  Sep 29, 2016
Our political divide makes dialogue crucial, but difficult Sep 28, 2016
Trump could win this, UW prof says Sep 27, 2016
Prof. Christopher S. Parker and Enrique Cerna Professor Christopher Parker Discusses Trump’s chances on Crosscut Sep 27, 2016
What To Read On Trump(ism) Sep 26, 2016


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