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Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker Appeals to Rank-and-File Republicans in The Conversation Dec 21, 2015
Prof. Megan Ming Francis with Melissa Harris-Perry Prof. Francis Discusses the Racial Terror of Lynching on MSNBC's Melissa Harris-Perry Show Dec 14, 2015
Autumn 2015 Faculty Panel & Audience Political Science Faculty Address Current Events with Panel Discussions on Refugees, Police Brutality, and other Topics. Dec 12, 2015
Becca Thorpe Prof. Thorpe Discusses the Impact of Rural Prison Economies on Mass Incarceration in LSE Blog Dec 9, 2015
Secular Faith Prof. Mark Smith in UW Today for his new book, Secular Faith: How Culture Has Trumped Religion in American Politics Dec 9, 2015
2014 Black Lives Matter protest in Las Vegas Prof. Francis Published Article on the Importance of Protest in The Washington Post Dec 2, 2015
WISIR Affiliated Centers: WISER is now WISIR Nov 18, 2015
Charbonneau - Graduation Distinguished Alum Award Winner:  Christine Charbonneau Nov 17, 2015
Sanders Two Innovative Courses Added to the Political Science Department Nov 17, 2015
John Wilkerson Beyond “I’m Just a Bill On Capitol Hill”: Meet the Award-Winning Legislative Explorer  Nov 17, 2015
George Lovell From the Chair Nov 17, 2015
Prof. Christopher Parker on The Conversation web site, "Ben Carson: token candidate" Nov 6, 2015
Richard Wolff Prof. Lance Bennett Invited Richard Wolff to Discuss Economic Justice, Sustainability and the Transition Beyond Capitalism Nov 2, 2015
Panel on Race & Policing Panel on Race & Policing Featuring Prof. Megan Ming Francis Oct 29, 2015
Secular Faith Prof. Mark Smith and his book Secular Faith featured on C-Span's Book-Notes Oct 27, 2015
Mark Smith Prof. Mark Smith cited in Christian Science Monitor on Religion vs. Science Oct 26, 2015
Kirstine Taylor Kirstine Taylor appointed Inaugural WISIR Postdoctoral Prize Fellow Oct 15, 2015
Prof. Christopher Parker in The Conversation, "How the GOP circus act compromises American Democracy" Oct 14, 2015
John Wilkerson Prof. John Wilkerson published article in the American Journal of Political Science, "Tracing the Flow of Policy Ideas in Legislatures: A Text Reuse Approach" Oct 8, 2015
Crystal Pryor Crystal Pryor recipient of 2015-2016  Fellowship Oct 6, 2015
Jack Turner Jack Turner published article in Politics, Groups, and Identities, Vol 3, Issue 3, 2015 Oct 6, 2015
Becca Thorpe Prof. Rebecca Thorpe in the Washington Post, Republicans and Democrats support sentencing reform. This is what stands in their way. Oct 5, 2015
Chris Parker Prof. Christopher Parker on The Converstation, "Boehner resigns: scholars see trouble ahead for GOP" Sep 28, 2015
Susan Whiting Prof. Susan Whiting on KING5 News regarding the economic and political impact of President Xi's visit Sep 28, 2015
Susan Whiting Prof. Susan Whiting interviewed on Chinese cable network SinovisionNet Sep 22, 2015


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