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James Long conducting research Faculty Profile: Associate Professor James Long: Combatting Electoral Fraud Oct 15, 2018
Prof. John Wilkerson on Legbranch site, "Machine learning improves our understanding of how laws are made and who deserves credit for them" Oct 5, 2018
Prof. Jamie Mayerfeld on the Lawyers, Guns & Money web site, "Kavanaugh and the question of torture" Sep 21, 2018
Authoritarianism and the Elite Origins of Democracy Interview with Prof. Victor Menaldo about new book Authoritarianism and the Elite Origins of Democracy Sep 4, 2018
Prof. Christopher S. Parker on The Hill web site, “There's a boost in black turnout, especially among black women voters” Aug 29, 2018
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Hill web site, “Seattle’s smoky summers are becoming the new normal” Aug 24, 2018
Prof. Jamie Mayerfeld on the Just Security web site, "Brett Kavanaugh and the Risk of a Return to Torture" Aug 16, 2018
Prof. Mark A. Smith Seeking Truth in an Age of Cynicism and Political Polarization: Professor Mark Alan Smith talks about his new undergraduate course Pols334 for Autumn 2018 Aug 8, 2018
Political Science PhD Student Mathieu Dubeau on the NewPolitics Site, "Battleground Seattle: A Class of Classes and a Brewing Perfect Storm" Aug 3, 2018
Lecturer Scott Lemieux on Vox, "6 myths about Roe v. Wade, debunked" Jul 17, 2018
Prof. Christopher Parker on KQED radio San Francisco, "Racial Resentment and White Cultural Anxiety Fuel Support of President Trump, Studies Find" Jul 17, 2018
International Coverage of "Authoritarianism and the Elite Origins of Democracy" by Professor Victor Menaldo Jul 12, 2018
Political Science Undergraduate Caleb Huffman Wins Library Research Award for "Fuel on the Flame: Open-Air Drug Markets and Homicide Clusters" Jun 8, 2018
Political Science Graduate Alumna Erin Mayo-Adam Garners American Political Science Association "Best Dissertation Award" Jun 8, 2018
Megan Francis Imagine you had a class with Distinguished Faculty Award Winner Megan Francis Jun 5, 2018
Prof. Aseem Prakash on The Hill news site, "What Amazon owes Seattle's homeless is a matter of debate" May 23, 2018
Michael McCann, Political Science From the Chair May 22, 2018
Gary Duck This Year's Distinguished Alumnus - Gary Duck May 22, 2018
May Lim Political Science alumna May Lim wins fellowship for the Humanity in Action program May 18, 2018
Professor Victor Menaldo inThe New York Times Opinion, "Why Are So Many Democracies Breaking Down?" May 9, 2018
Political Science Senior Caleb Huffman featured in UW Boundless: Building Bridges May 7, 2018
Professors Whiting, Ainsley, and Caporaso Trump, Trade, Tariffs panel discusses undesirable outcomes of trade wars May 5, 2018
Professor Christopher Parker Lecture on C-SPAN, The Great White Hope: Donald Trump, Race, & The Crisis of American Politics May 2, 2018
Austin Hudgens Political Science Undergraduate Awarded Recognition by Claremont-UC Undergraduate Research Conference on the European Union May 2, 2018
Mohamed Elias Political Science Major Awarded Stroum Center Opportunity Grant May 2, 2018


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