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Prof. Christopher Parker on KNKX Radio, "'Hard to be an optimist,' but this time could be different" Jul 15, 2020
Ph.D. Student Brian Leung  Before U.S. Congress' House Foreign Affairs: China's Security Law in Hong Kong Jul 9, 2020
Ph.D. Candidate Beatrice Magistro on F1 VISA Situation for International Students Jul 8, 2020
Lecturer Scott Lemieux on KIRO Radio Talking About the Recent Supreme Court Electoral College Decision Jul 8, 2020
Prof. Christopher Parker in The Seattle Times Opinion, "Check your patriotism" Jul 6, 2020
Prof. Christopher Parker Interviewed in The Washington Post, "A massive repudiation of Trump’s racist politics is building" Jul 6, 2020
Ph.D. Student Beatrice Magistro Wins UW Presidential Dissertation Award Jul 6, 2020
Commentary By Two UW Political Science Graduate Students on the Recent Introduction of Visa Restrictions by the Trump Administration Jun 26, 2020
Prof. Jake Grumbach wins APSA Best REP Paper Award for "Gender, Race, and Intersectionality in Campaign Finance" Jun 26, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash on Forbes, "Here’s Why Tech Platforms Might Need Regulation But Not Breaking Up" Jun 19, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash Awarded APSA's Elinor Ostrom Career Achievement Award Jun 19, 2020
Prof. Michael McCann on KUOW Radio, "A moment where protest leads to change? UW professor sees an historic arc" Jun 18, 2020
Prof. Megan Ming Francis In The Washington Post Monkey Cage, The Seattle Times, on TED, and Curating Commentary on Pocket Jun 18, 2020
Three Polisci Professors Interviewed in The New York Times Opinion, "Biden and Trump Are Fighting Each Other in a Changed World" Jun 17, 2020
Political Science Graduate Students' Statement in Support of Campus Decriminalization and Protecting Vulnerable Workers Jun 12, 2020
Political Science Student Receives Fulbright US Student Award Jun 8, 2020
Prof. Christopher Parker Quoted In Three Articles Regarding Protests Jun 4, 2020
Faculty Perspectives on the George Floyd Protests Jun 4, 2020
Prof. Sophia Jordán Wallace A New Scholar in The Library of Congress Jun 2, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash in the Global Policy Journal, "Siloization of Climate and Public Health: The Case of Covid-19" Jun 1, 2020
Prof. Aseem Prakash on Forbes, "Whistleblowers Fired, VP Resigns: Amazon's Looming Political Problems" May 11, 2020
Three Political Science UW Students Grace the Husky 100 for 2020! May 5, 2020
Lecturer Scott Lemieux on NBC News Think site, "Mitch McConnell's new coronavirus plan: Make sure you can't sue a company that gets you sick" May 5, 2020
Prof. Christopher Parker quoted on Wired site, "The Anti-Quarantine Protests Aren't About Covid-19" Apr 29, 2020
Political Science Major Virginia Burton Selected for the Prestigious Truman Scholarship Apr 23, 2020


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