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Title Adviser Related Fields

Nimah Mazaheri. 2011. "Oil States, the Private Sector, and the Political Economy of Policy Reform." Diss., U of Washington.

Margaret Levi Political Economy

Heather Pool. 2011. "The Politics of Political Mourning." Diss., U of Washington.

Jack Turner III Political Theory

Julianna Rig. 2011. "If only Noah would have killed those two : Saving children from malaria, one politician at a time." Diss., U of Washington.

John D. Wilkerson Comparative Politics, Children, Health Policy

Adrian Sinkler. 2011. "Privatizing the Patrimony: State-Society Relations, Family Norms, and Institutional Change in Rural Mexico." Diss., U of Washington.

Anthony Gill Latin American, Comparative Politics

Sophia Wilson. 2011. "Human Rights and Law Enforcement in the Post-Soviet World; or How and Why Judges and Police Bend the Law." Diss., U of Washington.

Human Rights, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Law and Society

Changdong Zhang. 2011. "Good Governance through Taxation:Business Politics in Authoritarian China." Diss., U of Washington.

East Asian, Political Economy

Jessica Beyer. 2011. "Youth and the Generation of Political Consciousness Online." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann Civic Engagement, American Politics, Media Studies, Political Communication

Brandon Bosch. 2011. "Exemplification and Political Perceptions of the Public: An Analysis of Traditional and Partisan News Media." Diss., U of Washington.

Media Studies, European Politics

Jennifer Fredett. 2010. "On the Muslim Question: The Contentious Politics of Citizenship in France." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann Islamic Studies, Religion, European Politics

Brian Greenhill. 2010. "Norm Transmission in Networks of Intergovernmental Organizations." Diss., U of Washington.

Aseem Prakash Political Communication

Taedong Lee. 2010. "Global Cities and Climate Change." Diss., U of Washington.

Aseem Prakash Global Studies, Environmental Politics, Urban Studies

Francisco Pedraza. 2010. "The two-way street of contested political integration: Latinos in the United States." Diss., U of Washington.

Latino/a Studies, American Politics

Jason Scheideman. 2010. "Threatening Extinction? Patronage, International Monitoring, and Electoral Fraud." Diss., U of Washington.

Elizabeth Kier Comparative Politics

Kawato Yuko. 2010. "Imagining Security: The U.S. Military Bases and Protests in Asia." Diss., U of Washington.

Elizabeth Kier East Asian, International Security, International Relations

In progress

Title Adviser Related Fields
Katherine Banks. "He Who Writes the Checks Tells You How to Dance: Explaining Health Aid Channel Allocation and Institutional Choice." Diss., University of Washington, March 2015. James A. Caporaso, Elizabeth Kier Health Policy