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Sooenn Park. 2014. "At Liberty and In Love." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Political Science

Allison Rank. 2014. "Bums, Revolutionaries, or Citizens? A Political History of Youth in Twentieth-Century America." Diss., U of Washington.

Mark Alan Smith American Politics
Kirstine Taylor. "From Violence to Law-and-Order: The Making of Racial Innocence in Postwar America." Diss., U of Washington, 2014. Michael W. McCann, Jack Turner III American Political Development, American Politics, Minority and Race Politics
Langston, A. (2013). The eclipse of the American small farm: US agricultural policy and the industrial agrifood system. San Diego, Calif.]: San Diego State University. Environmental Politics, Political Economy, Public Policy

Deepa Bhandaru. 2013. "Undermining Whiteness: Hannah Arendt’s Participatory Freedom and the Political Ethics of Antiracism." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Minority and Race Politics, Race and Ethnicity, Political Theory

James Chamberlain. 2013. "Work and Freedom in Contemporary Capitalism." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Labor

Joshua Eastin. 2013. "Violent Eruptions: Natural Disasters, War, and Peace." Diss., U of Washington.

Jonathan Mercer International Relations, Violence and Trauma

Marcela Garcia-Castanon. 2013. "Theory of Multi-Tiered Membership." Diss., U of Washington.

Political Theory

Sijeong Lim. 2013. "Modes of Social Policy in the Developing World." Diss., U of Washington.

Aseem Prakash Comparative Politics

Mary Anne Madeira. 2013. "The New Politics of the New Trade: the Political Economy of Intra-Industry Trade." Diss., U of Washington.

James A. Caporaso Political Economy

Rachel Sanders. 2013. "The Color of Fat: Racial Biopolitics of Obesity." Diss., U of Washington.

Jack Turner III Minority and Race Politics, Race and Ethnicity
Jason Lambacher. "The Politics of the Extinction Predicment – Democracy, Futurity, and Responsibility." Diss., U of Washington, 2013. Christine DiStefano, Jamie Mayerfeld, Karen Litfin Comparative Law, Environmental Politics, Global Studies, Political Theory, Public Law

Timothy Jones. 2012. "Foreign Nation Visibility in U.S. Public

International Relations, American Politics
Christopher Roberts. 2012. "A Contestion About Legitimacy: The Supreme Court and Foreign Legal Citations." Diss., U of Washington. Courts, International Relations

Charles Rowling. 2012. "When Threats are Internal: National Identity and Cascading Frames, From My Lai to Abu Ghraib." Diss., U of Washington.

East Asian, Southeast Asian, International Relations, Comparative Politics

Matthew Walton. 2012. "Politics in the Moral Universe: Burmese Buddhist Political Thought." Diss., U of Washington.

Christine DiStefano Comparative Politics, East Asian
Daniel Berliner. 2012. "Institutionalizing Transparency: The Global Spread of Freedom of Information in Law and Practice." Diss., U of Washington. Aseem Prakash Global Studies, Law and Society, Media Studies, Political Communication

Loren Collingwood. 2012. "The Pursuit of Victory and Incorporation: Elite Strategy, Group Pressure and Cross-Racial Strategy." Diss., U of Washington.

Minority and Race Politics

Bradley Epperly. 2012. "Political Competition and Judicial Independence After Communism." Diss., U of Washington.

Margaret Levi Socialism and Post-Socialism, Comparative Politics

Shauna Fisher. 2012. "Issue Framing and Policy Argumentation: Recasting the Same-Sex Marriage Debate." Diss., U of Washington.

Michael W. McCann Political Communication, Queer Studies, Civil Rights
Seth Greenfest. 2012. "Rules of Access: Congress, the Federal Courts, and Judicial Agenda-setting and Change." Dissertation, University of Washington. George Lovell Courts, Crime and Criminality

John C. Griswold. 2012. "Providing for the Common Defense: Strategic Agency Adaptation and the Politics of the National Guard." Diss., U of Washington.

Peter J. May International Security, American Politics

Ashley Jochim (Watson). 2012. "The Dynamics of Party Competition: Issues and Conflict in American Politics." Diss., U of Washington.

Peter J. May American Politics

Adrian Sinkler. 2011. "Privatizing the Patrimony: State-Society Relations, Family Norms, and Institutional Change in Rural Mexico." Diss., U of Washington.

Anthony Gill Latin American, Comparative Politics

Sophia Wilson. 2011. "Human Rights and Law Enforcement in the Post-Soviet World; or How and Why Judges and Police Bend the Law." Diss., U of Washington.

Human Rights, Socialism and Post-Socialism, Law and Society