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Faith in Violence: Race and the Punitive Paradigm

Anderson, John-Paul Hammond (2021). "Faith in Violence: Race and the Punitive Paradigm."

The United States is in the midst of a “racial reckoning”, a confrontation with racial inequality brought to the forefront of politics by recurring acts of police brutality. In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, massive uprisings in support of racial justice swept over the United States and then the world. Although George Floyd’s murder was the catalyst of international demonstrations, the protests were not only a response to the worst cases of police brutality.Protesters also sought to confront the day-to-day activities of criminal-legal institutions, that even in the absence of overt brutality and harassment, disproportionately impact stereotyped and socioeconomically isolated communities. Thus, racial disproportion in prisons has come to signify the routine racial injustice of the United States....

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