Washington State Legislative Internship Program

Quarters Available: 

UW-Seattle students must submit their applications to the Political Science Undergraduate Advising Office in 215 Smith.  Please note that the due date to turn applications in to the Advising Office is sooner than the due date listed on the WSLIP website.

Students work in Olympia as staff for members of the Washington State House of Representatives or Senate.  Admission is competitive drawing from all four-year schools in the state of Washington.  Applications are due in October and open to students from all majors.  No political experience is required, but strong writing and good people skills are important. Students earn 15 credits of POL S 497 (5 of which can count for Political Science major requirements). 

Please contact Mark Weitzenkamp, weitzen@uw.edu, the liaison for this program at UW, for more information.

Internship Category: 
State Government