Internship with on BallotPath project

Position Title: Candidacy Researcher

Location: Remote or at Los Angeles office

Company: NationBuilder

Company Description:

NationBuilder is a Los Angeles based civic tech startup company that is working on the BallotPath Project, which has one simple purpose: to make candidacy information easier to find and encourage more citizens to run for office. Having access to getting on the ballot is essential to the democratic system. NationBuilder’s mission with the BallotPath Project is to take candidacy information for all elected offices and make it available online for free, and in an easy to understand format. Currently, we are curating a team of 5-10 UW students to map out Washington and all of the 39 counties and their respective elected officials by January 01, 2016.

To be involved with this internship you have to genuinely want to see fresh faces in politics and believe that all citizens have equal rights to run for office. We will initially be focusing on breaking down the candidacy filing procedures for Washington, and after that work is completed we will look at other regional states and counties to work on.


Hours will be made to accommodate the schedule of students. Students must agree to do a minimum of 8 hours each week towards the project and work upon the project for a minimum of a full academic semester. To work on this project you must be receiving academic credit.


  • Contact the proper election administration officials necessary to gather information and documents, and to verify that information is correct
  • Be able to efficiently review election results and candidacy requirements
  • Review previously collected candidacy information for accuracy
  • Proactively and positively work with other BallotPath team members
  • Attend weekly videochat review meetings


-Desire to help grassroots/independent candidates appear on ballots

-Pursuing degree in political science or public policy preferred

-Interest in election procedure

-Strong writing and grammar skills

-Excellent analysis skills

-Communication skills for phone & email

-Capacity to work independently

-Ability to stick with tasks to completion

-Willingness to help team members

-Aptitude for problem solving

-Must be in a degree that will allow credit for the internship



-Academic credit is given but must be coordinated by student

-Students will be working with government agencies and other civic tech professionals.

-NationBuilder collaborates with several other companies and organizations in the civic tech field, which will be very active in 2016. The Sunlight Foundation in Washington, DC previously funded the BallotPath Project.

-Accommodating to student’s schedules with flexible hours.

How to Apply:

Submit resume and introductory letter to Jim Cupples at or call Jim at (541) 999-0997 for questions.

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