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Prof. Christopher Parker on Brookings Institution website, "The (Real) Reason Why the House Won't Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform"

Submitted by Arts & Sciences Web Team on August 4, 2014 - 4:29pm

"It’s been a year since the Senate passed a comprehensive immigration bill. George and Jeb Bush and Sens. John McCain and Lindsay Graham support it. Conservative public intellectuals such as David Brooks, Grover Norquist, and Karl Rove also support it, as well as more than 100 conservative economists, the Wall Street Journal and the CATO Institute. Comprehensive immigration reform enjoys a level of popularity that should make it a win-win for all involved. Still, House Republicans refuse to support it — even though the Senate recently passed a bipartisan bill with which many conservatives are satisfied.

With every reason to pass comprehensive immigration reform, why are House Republicans standing in its way? Many claim that the Senate bill amounts to amnesty, a measure they suggest leaves us no better off than we are now. They stress securing the border and expelling the 11 to 12 million “illegal aliens” residing in the United States."

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