Spring Onine History Courses Now Available!

Two great History courses offered through the Integrated Social Sciences program have just become available for registration by on-campus students! For on-campus students, these will be so-called “group start” courses that are synched up with the regular quarter dates and require the supplemental fee of $350 to cover UWEO’s costs. Like all ISS courses, these History courses are taught by regular UW faculty. It’s a great option for students who want to continue their studies but can’t be on campus this quarter.

HSTAS/JSIS A 454: History of Modern China
SLN: 20705
Instructor: Madeleine Yue Dong
Credits: 5
Examine the social, cultural, political, economic and intellectual transformations and continuities in China from the end of the imperial period to the present.

HSTCMP 485: Comparative Colonialism
SLN: 20706
Instructor: Vicente Rafael
Credits: 5
Investigate the historic roots and practices of colonialism throughout the world, focusing on the roles of nationalism, cosmopolitanism and imperial domination. Understand colonialism as a world event with effects that continue to be felt and power that needs to be addressed.

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