Still room in ASIAN 498 - VLPA credits

ASIAN 498: Violence and Humor in Contemporary Korean Literature and Film
Instructor: Emily Hall
5 Credits
MWF 1:30-2:50

This course explores the different theories and usage of violence and humor within Korean literature and film, and how these works reflect the cultural narratives of Korean society. In particular, we will analyze the effect of war, division of North and South Korea, and government violence on literature and film and how these experiences shaped memories of historical events and the depictions of violence within particular genres. In conjunction, the course explores humor and violence as a genre and how Korean literature and film uses humor and violence as satire, critique, and escape.

This course is designed as a seminar with a significant portion dedicated to discussion and close reading of Korean films and literature. Subject topics and historical background will be introduced throughout the course so, while useful, no background in Korean studies or history is required.

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